Rothenberger MAPP Canister - Rothenberger MAP 400g Canister
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Disposable MAP Canister Yellow
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 Disposable Yellow MAPP Cylinder - 400g - Rothenberger

Genuine MAPP gas has not been prodced for many years, this Rothenberger "MAPP" gas canister only contains liquid Propylene.  When they stopped manufacturing MAPP gas Propylene was sold as a low cost substitute and often marketed as "MAP" in a yellow can.  

Some of the better air propane burners will screw directly to the top of the canister, pure propylene is slightly better pure propane with about 20 - 50 C hotter flame temperature, like propane the propylene is better than the mixes that have butane - these butane mixes are generally restricted to the smaller thread connection.

The large 1" canister connection thread is also suitable for the regulator designed to fit these disposable Propane cylinders of about 400g contents

Yellow propylene canister filled with liquid propylene gas.

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