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If you are looking for a long lasting fibre disc then you need to seriously consider the flap discs produced by Sia. Sia's discs are coated with with a range of grit types and you simply have to select the grit that it suitable for yourself. From standard Aluminium Oxide and Zirconia through to the much hard wearing Silicon Carbide and the ever increasing in popularity Ceramic discs. These discs should not just be compared on price as they are designed to outlast the competition giving true value for money over the lifetime of the disc. 

Why opt for a low priced product when you will end up paying more?
Fibre Discs
For the mini grinders M10 thread and 4" disc diameter
(Inc VAT £12.00)
Attaches to 125mm (5") Angle Grinder
(Inc VAT £12.00)
Attaches to 180mm (7") Angle Grinder
(Inc VAT £15.60)
Fits the standard 4.5" angle grinder (115mm)
(Inc VAT £10.80)
Sold in packs of 50.
(Inc VAT £28.80)
Usual Dispatch: 24hrs
(Inc VAT £31.20)