CCR - Gas Welding Rods 3,2 mm - 1/8" Dia.
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3,2mm or 1/8" Dia CCR - Copper Coated Rods - Mild Steel Welding Rods

CCR welding rods are designed for use with  Oxy / Acetylene Welding only and not for TIG.

Larger diameter welding rods are required when welding thicker sections of mild steels otherwise the large rod freezes the weld pool making welding more difficult.  Generally would expect to be welding on 8mm to 13mm thickness with the 3,2mm CCR welding rod, smaller diameter 2,4mm may be used but would probably result in too much rod feeding.

The copper coating is very thin so as not to affect the weld pool but it does protect the rods from corroding too quickly.

Always use the correct size welding nozzle for the material thickness you will be welding, remember that a welding nozzle should not be turned up to increase heat when required because the flame cone becomes too forcing making welding difficult, however each wedling nozzle has a 50% turn down ratio so choose the next larger nozzle and reduce the flame size to ensure you have the heat required.  Choosing a larger diameter CCR welding rod also has the effect of freezing the weld pool more quickly.

Welding rods are 1000mm long with "ID" marker on the end.  These rods are for use with general mild steel, higher strength filler rods are available.
The rods will be supplied in a cardboard tube for protection during transport.

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