Stick Welder 160 Amp MMA - CWS
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160A IGBT Stick Welder - 1 Yr Warranty
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Brilliant Value For Money 160Amp Stick Welder - MMA

Don't let our low price for our 160 amp welder put you off, this is an awful lot of impressive welder for very little money.  Remember that we have to be competitively priced otherwise you won't purchase what we sell.
So you are able to buy a brilliant MMA stick welder which is simple and easy to use, the CWS MMA 160 is a 160Amp stick welding machine with a digital display and comes ready to weld. All you need to add is welding rods of your choice, if you don't already have them plus your normal PPE for arc welding. (PPE = Welding gauntlets, safety glasses, Welding Mask plus optional leather apron and arms - list is not exhaustive as it depends on where and what is being welded).

With auto hot start this CWS MMA160 machine is a dream to strike an arc and weld stick after stick.  Hot start gives a short temporary increase in power when starting to help ensure your electrode doesn't stick when you strike the arc.  Welding current setting may be fine tuned by adjusting the welding current 1 amp at a time making it easy to set the current required plus giving you the ability to tweak your welding setting providing  you with the best weld possible for the material you are welding.   
When you compare this inverter machine to a traditional transformer MMA machine, with maybe 6 power settings, you will never look back and you will wonder how you ever managed.
The power setting LED display and power adjustment knob have a clear plastic hinged cover to help prevent accidental adjustment plus stop dirt covering the display.  The work return and electrode holder leads are both connected by dinse plugs to the front panel which makes alteration / extension simple and easy.  The CWS MMA 160 welder has 3m long work return lead plus a 3m long electrode holder lead making it much less restrictive than many other machines.
Compared to other inverter welders there are several advantages to the CWS MMA160 you need to consider, such as:-
     Is a case included,
     Does it come with 25mm sq cables?
     Does it have a digital display?
     Is it generator friendly? 
     Does it have a 60% duty cycle.
Of course the answer to the above questions is simply one word. Yes the CWS MMA 160 includes all these.

As with most modern MMA (Manual Metal Arc - Stick Welding) machines this unit has "VRD" - Voltage Reduction Device which lowers the OCV (Open Circuit Voltage) when an arc has not been initiated - Safe working practice must always be followed as the electrical circuit in any welding machine could still kill you.
Typically our machine welds on maximum amps (160A) with a 60% duty cycle based on 40 degrees C. This compares to many others that have a duty cycle of around 30 or 35%. Add into that the overall machine weight of just 4kg combined with it's small size it is a machine to beat. 

This machine comes supplied with a 13A plug already fitted but to operate at full power with this 160A MMA welder it has to be fitted with a round blue 16A plug. If you would rather a 16A plug be fitted we can supply one for you. Just see the related products below. 

Using the 13A plug already fitted, in our tests the welder has proved capable through the amperage range 20-140A. We have welded 0.9mm steel with a 1.6mm rod on 24A through to welding with a 3.2mm on130A.  Fitting the blue 16Amp plug plus  moving to our higher power industrial supply (16A - 32A) allows you to make use of the full 160 Amp power range of this welder making it easy to "push" welds right in and also be able to weld with 4mm welding rods.
Remember that on a domestic 13A supply it will not be possible to turn the power up above the 130 - 140 Amp setting as higher settings would draw too much current resulting in you blowing the fuse / tripping the MCB.  
Never override the fuse because you will overheat your domestic 13A supply circuit and could cause a fire.

See related products below for the blue 16 A plug.





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