Cebora Pocket Pulse - 185 Amp Portable MIG Welder
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Cebora Pocket Pulse - A truly portable MIG welder with the features usually only seen on heavy industry machines.
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Cebora Synergic Pocket Pulse - 37 programs for easy portable welding

Yes - why not make your life simple! 
The Pocket Pulse MIG welder from Cebora has been designed with the user in mind. You need something portable and you need something high spec - previously there hasn't been a machine to fill the space without paying a large sum of money.Noz-Alls The Pocket Pulse fills that gap. 

With the 37 pre-installed programs you will be able to weld standard mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. That is not all, this machine also has programs for CuSi3 MIG brazing making it a real coverall. 
100% Italian, you get that typical Cebora engineering that you will have come to expect. 
Of course this also means you don't just get a MIG torch with latching or non-latching mode. You get a 3rd option giving you pre-gas, hot start, crater control and post-flow control too. 

Single Phase Input - 230V 50/60 Hz +/- 15%
Input Power - 5.5 kVA (20%)  3.7 kVA (60%)  2.7 kVA (100%) - See Duty Cycle Info
Fuse Rating - 16 A Slow Blow
Welding Current Range - 20-185 A
Duty Cycle - 185 A (20%)  140 A (60%)  110 A (100%)
Dimensions - 458 x 196 x 380 mm (L x W x H)
Weight - 13.5 kg
Protection - IP 23S
Max Spool - 5kg (200mm Dia.)





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