Complete Oxy Fuel Setups - Various Possibilities
Call for price and lead time...
Forgive the number of options! At Noz-Alls we appreciate that you are not a number that fits into one of 4 or 5 setups. You are a person with unique needs and you need something that is unique to yourself. What you need is Noz-Alls to put a customized set together for you. 

We have lots of options in this listing and if you are unsure at any part of the process then please do pick up the phone to ask us. We are friendly and want to make sure you are getting the right kit for the job. 

Our possible options give you a large choice of setups Propane or Acetylene regulators, single stage or multistage, side entry or bottom entry, Oxygen regulator for 0-4 bar or 0-10 bar. Flash back arrestors are either standard or resettable regulator mounted. Hoses can be a range of lengths and diameters. We have a choice of 4 torches as standard. Each torch setup will include 5 nozzles to get you started. 

As has been mentioned above if you have a need for something different be it a different torch, torch mount flash back arrestors, different length hose or odd lengths please do get in touch. We can make a set which is right for you. 


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