ES 5-13 Auto Darkening Welding Mask
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Was £65! Now £50 and still carriage paid! Shades 5 to 13 with grinding mode and comfortable headband.
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CWS Welding Mask - ES 5-13

This auto darkening welding mask is our first mask which auto darkens from a light state of shade 4 to shades 5 through to 13. We also go so far as to cap it off with a grinding function and full access to the controls from the exterior of the helmet. 

There are a few main things to consider when it comes to auto darkening welding helmets. The 3 main things we look for are;
1. The optical quality - a helmet with 1/1/1/2 (where 1 is the best possible) is going to be hard to beat. 
2. Shade adjustment - many helmets may not give you 5 - 13 range of adjustment and also grinding feature.
3. The viewing area - we always try to get the biggest viewing area possible while remaining affordable and practical. Hence this helmet has a large viewing area of 100mm wide with 50mm high. 

Before we go through too much of the technical spec of this welding helmet check out all the photos to see how it can be set. 
On one side - we have all the shade setting functions. The slider setting changes from 'Grinding' to the middle setting '5-8' to the highest setting '9-13'. When set on either of the two variable shades the rotatable control knob provides the shade level adjustment which is clearly marked for when you are adjusting without wearing the helmet. 

On the right hand side of the ES 5-13 we have the sensitivity and delay time settings. Sensitivity can be adjusted to allow for someone working close by on another welder or even grinding which stops the ADF (auto darkening filter) from reacting to sparks not created by yourself. Delay time is adjustable time for your welding mask to come back to the light state after welding. If you are doing lots of tack welds then keep this setting low to speed up your progress rather than having to wait for the helmet to lighten again.

Technical Data
Optical Class: 1/1/1/2
Viewing Area: 100mm x 50mm
Suitable For: TIG, MIG, MMA
Suitable Amps: Over 5 amps
Reaction Time: 0.00004 of a second
Arc Sensors: 2 - Independent 
Replaceable Battery: CR2032 (just one piece making maintenance cheaper)
Shades Adjustable: 5 - 13 
Ready State: Shade 4
Grinding Mode: Yes - Shade 4
Low Battery Warning: Yes 
Auto Off Circuit: Yes - prolongs the battery life
Mask Weight: Fully assembled 598g

Shade Levels:May-13


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