GCE - Multi-Stage Oxygen Regulator 0-10 bar
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Multi-Stage Oxygen Regulator 0-10 bar 2 Gauge Base Inlet
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Multi-Stage Oxygen Regulator 0-10 bar 2 Gauge Base Inlet

This Oxygen 0-10 bar multi-stage regulator has been designed to function correctly with top outlet / BOC  type cylinders.  For side outlet hand wheel valved cylinders please see the multi-stage side inlet  regulators.
Multi-stage regulators offer consistent pressure output along with both greater accuracy of the pressure setting as well as higher flow outputs when compared to more simple single stage regulators.
Multi-stage regulator allows you to set the pressure you require with confidence and know that the pressure will not alter when you switch between operating and idle conditions which makes for much greater working efficiency and shorter operating times.  The small extra cost of the multi-stage regulator soon pays for itself.

GCE brand regulators are not the lowest priced however we didn't choose them for their price we chose them based on the job they will do for you, how reliably they will be when you work with them plus the fact that they will save you money when compared to cheap multi-stage regulators offered by many others.

Noz-Alls market the GCE brand regulators because I know how good they are technically plus that the quality is the best in the market, how do I know, because before setting up Noz-Alls I used to work for GCE.
GCE regulators will most probably look very familiar to you, this is because GCE was the manufacturer for all the Murex (ESAB) regulators.  Unfortunately the Murex brand has now mostly been dropped by ESAB,
ESAB stopped sourcing regulators from GCE and went for the cheap option which left GCE to go to market direct.  As an artisan this gives you the advantage of well designed and correctly produced regulators at beneficial prices for you.



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