Garage Welding - Garage ADF Welding Mask
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Low priced auto darkening mask intended for the light duty welder.
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Low cost auto darkening mask

The Garage Equipment branded welding mask is a budget welding mask designed to meet the needs of the light duty DIY type market.
The price point of this mask makes it ideal for educational use plus for companies that may occasionally require trainees and visitors to view arc processes - the ADF lens (Auto Darkening Filter) is adjustable from shades #9 to #13 which makes it ideal for most processes, it is simple to adjust from the outside, all this makes this a good choice.  
This low cost mask comes with variable shade settings, adjustable sensitivity and delay time making it a good value for money mask when compared to other masks in the same price point. 

Spares are readily available with the front lens being a standard 90 x 110mm which can also be bought from Noz-Alls in the related items section. 

The optical quality on this mask is better than most at this price point with a class of 1/2/1/2 and comes with fully automatic on/off design so you don't have to remember to switch it on every time. The only thing you will have to remember is to make sure you mask isn't in grinding mode! Just another feature which makes the mask better than others in this price point. 
Reaction time to the arc is 1/15000 of a second. 
Viewing area is 92 x 42mm.

Garage Welding

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