Jasic JA-402 - Jasic Pro ARC 400A Inverter Arc Welder
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400A Industrial MMA Welder - 5 Year Warranty 3 phase power required
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Jasic Pro Arc 402 - JA-402 - 3 phase power supply

The JA-402 supersedes the JA-401 and JA-400. 
This heavy industry welder is not the usual cumbersome lump that you would expect from a 400A welder. It only weighs 19kg and so it means you no longer need to have super sized welding cables adding weight and cost to your expenses. Instead you can take the welder with you and run a longer mains cable. This reduces fatigue on the user who can now use smaller cables as there will be less power loss and the company can save on energy costs compared to a traditional transformer thanks to the efficient IGBT inverter. 
Add the above to the fact that this machine has a 60% duty cycle on maximum amperage and you get a tool which is going to help your projects get done faster rather than just 'a machine'.

As this machine is intended for use at distance you may also like to add the option of a remote control which simply plugs into the front of the machine giving you control over the amperage up to 25m away. If you don't like cables getting in the way there is also a Bluetooth version.

As with all Jasic welders the build quality is excellent and you can tell these machines are made of the right parts to have complete confidence in them. In fact - Jasic offer a 5 Year Warranty once the machine has been registered. Of course any machine bought through Noz-Alls will be registered for you saving you any hassle.

Leads are not included as standard - the reasoning behind this is two fold;
1. Many customers have different length requirements so a 3m standard set may not be long or short enough. 
2. Many customers already have leads from a 'retired' welding machine which they may like to use

The welding cables we supply are made up by ourselves at Noz-Alls and we can supply any length required (within reason). We fit good quality earths and electrode holders so it will not be a token effort with some regrettable holder that you see supplied with many machines. If you would like something different that the 3m set offered here please call us. 

Key Features
MMA and Lift TIG Switch 
Self Adapting Arc Force - Less chance of sticking and lower levels of spatter
Voltage Reduction Device (VRD) - Will not cook your rod when shorted out
Generator Friendly
Single PCB design - improved reliability

Technical Information
Input Voltage AC 400v
Fuse Rating 40
Current Range 30 - 400 Amps
Duty Cycle @ 40°C 60% @ 400 Amps
No Load Voltage 72
Insulation Class IP21 S/F
Dimensions (mm) 618 x 330 x 441
Weight 19 kg




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