Migatronic - TIG Tungsten Grinder - fully sealed & portable from Migatronic
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Consistent & efficient point shape with your safety in mind.
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This TIG tungsten grinder is portable so you take it to wherever you are welding, you just need a 13 amp socket to plug into.  Using a proper TIG tungsten grinder like this ensures you are able to grind the correct shape point on your TIG tungsten providing the most efficient arc shape each and every time you need to repoint.  The grinder is fully adjustable and may be set how you wish to grind you point shape.  The grinder also applies the face flat after you have pointed the TIG tungsten.  The kit contains 3 collets which will clamp all the common size TIG tungsten diameters and each tungsten is simply set by applying the holder to the side setting orifice which allows the correct tungsten length to be clamped in place ready for grinding the point you want and require.  
The other very important feature, perhaps actually the most important feature, is that the TIG tungsten grinder provides the unseen benefit of ensuring you health & safety.  The Migatronic TIG tungsten grinder contains all the grinding dust, which is know to be harmful, plus may be radio active if you still use "red" tip tungstens.

For your own safety and those around you, plus to ensure you comply with health and safety legislation it is important to use a sealed TIG tungsten grinder like this one from Migatronic which contains and retains all the tungsten grinding dust.

Please note tungsten rods pictured are not included and are for illustrative purposes only.


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Consistent & efficient point shape with your safety in mind.
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