Shielding gas adaptor hose, helium balloon fillers and other gas based products that don't quite fit into the other categories. If there is some form of accessory that you require just get in contact and we will ready to help.
Accessories & Other Parts
4mm OD Hard Plastic Air Tube to Hose Adaptor
Convert from Disposable to Rent Free Shielding Gas
£10.28 £18.99
(Inc £12.34)
Helium Balloon Filler Latex & Foil Balloons Good Quality Version
Balloon inflator suitable for foil & latex balloons
£21.02 £41.05
(Inc £25.22)
Disposable Gas Canister Regulator M10 Thread R/h
Futuris 70570 - Mini Regulator
Usual Dispatch: Same Day
(Inc £23.52)
Shielding Gas Economiser
Save gas every time you pull the trigger
(Inc £38.64)
Disposable Gas Canister Regulator M10 Thread R/h
Mini Argon Regulator for Disposable Canisters M10 R/H Inlet Connection
Miniature MIG / TIG Regulator for disposable canisters of Argon or Argon mix
(Inc £42.14)
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oxygen safe leak detector spray
Oxygen Safe Leak Detector Spray
Suitable for use with oxygen pipe line as well as fuel and inert hoses and connections.
(Inc £11.30)