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Sif RO391506 - Sif Silver Solder No39 1.5mm
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Sif Silver Solder No39 1.5mm

CADMIUM FREE silver solder suitable for use on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, except aluminium. It can be used with a range of heat sources. Use SIF SILVER SOLDER flux.

Metal Composition
Melting Point
(Degrees C)
38 Ag, 32 Cu, 28 Zn, 2 Sn650-725460140

EN ISO 17672 Ag 138


Available in 6 rod and 1kg packs. If you are unsure of what you usually buy then please refer to your packet and correlate the number on the pack to the useful Sif product codes below.

Sif Part NumberCorrelating Pack Size
RO3915066 Rod Pack
RX3915001 kg


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