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Weldas 36800 - Small Weldas MIG Gloves 10-2000
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Size: Small - Weldas MIG Gloves
Weldas Comfoflex MIG Gloves in size Small

Perfect for any welder with small hands. We sell many medium sized pairs but often the medium size is also just not small enough. Hence we also sell the Weldas 10-2000 gauntlets in the full size range which includes size Small. 

The lining is rather special to Weldas and has been scientifically designed by Weldas. The outer layer is patent protected and takes the brunt of the heat. The flame retardant second layer offers an air cushion which helps to disperse the heat. The third layer is another flame retardant layer and is designed to take sweat away from your hand keeping you comfortable for longer. The third layer is made from 100% cotton. 
Comfoflex Lining Explained




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