Welding & Cutting
Welding & Cutting
18TPI brass threaded connection nut american type
Brass threaded connection nut available in both left & right hand American "B" fitting - 9/16" x 18 TPI UNF
(Inc VAT £0.90)
nipple to suit american
Brass nipple designed to work with American "B" fitting connection nuts and 6,3mm bore hose
(Inc VAT £1.02)
elga - gasket set of 5 pcs
(Inc VAT £4.50)
test product
(Inc VAT £13.20)
fn lw model o conversion neck
Convert your light weight welding and cutting shank to accept Model O welding tips. Includes 5 acetylene welding tips #1-5.
(Inc VAT £38.09)
fn lw model o conversion neck
Convert your light weight welding and cutting shank to accept Model O welding tips. Includes 5 propane welding tips #1-5.
(Inc VAT £56.09)
Migatronic Focus 130 Compact Inverter MIG Welder
Professional Quality at DIY Cost
(Inc VAT £552.00)
Original: 65 Plus: 110 Ultra: 195 Acetylene Original: 120 Acetylene Plus: 160 Acetylene Ultra: 255
(Inc VAT £78.00)
Headux Titan 188 Inverter MIG Welder
After the best MIG welder for your money Headux 180 amp MIG welder with MMA welding function. Spool on gun ready and push pull torch capable. The perfect machine for a keen hobbiest through to the mobile welding professionals.
(Inc VAT £512.40)
Headux Titan 195 3 Qtr view
Compact and portable with synergic setup - take out the need to work out a setup and just weld! This machine will do MIG, TIG and MMA.
(Inc VAT £738.00)
MIG 160 Amp 230V Autostar DIY portable
A multi purpose compact 160A MIG welder - 3 Year Warranty. Good value MIG welder and perfect for the DIY welder plus a wide range of jobs!
(Inc VAT £438.00)
Cebora Pocket Pulsed 185Amp Inverter MIG Welder
Cebora Pocket Pulse - A truly portable MIG welder with the features usually only seen on heavy industry machines.
(Inc VAT £2034.00)
AutoStar Inverter Compact 250 Amp MIG
MIG Welder Semi compact 250 Amp
(Inc VAT £1074.00)
Migatronic RallyMIG 161i P2
Premium brand synergic all in one machine - real quality, excellent value.
(Inc VAT £810.00)
RallyMIG 161i Migatronic Synergic MIG Inverter
Comes with amperage adjuster in torch handle.
(Inc VAT £852.00)
Collection only item
(Inc VAT £28.00)
Headux Titan 250C Compact Inverter MIG Welder
250 amp compact MIG unit with 4 roll drive system. Double digital display and spool on gun ready. What more could someone looking for a new MIG welder want while running on a single phase!
(Inc VAT £1374.00)
Collection Only Item
(Inc VAT £70.00)
200A AC/DC TIG Welder
(Inc VAT £888.00)
Collection only item
(Inc VAT £75.00)
Rental free acetylene in an Ultra size cylinder from Hobbyweld. Deposit required on initial purchase.
(Inc VAT £149.66)
Bench tested before dispatch these items will have a delayed dispatch. Please contact us for availability.
(Inc VAT £537.60)
Made to Order MIG Welder from Migatronic
(Inc VAT £8340.00)
Save gas every time you pull the trigger
(Inc VAT £37.40)
Machine Trolley for Small Portable MIG & TIG Welders
Universal Inverter Welding Machine Trolley - Portable machine trolley
(Inc VAT £68.40)
Collection Only Item
(Inc VAT £240.00)
Migatronic AutoMig 273i Duo Boost MIG 02
AutoMig 273i Duo Boost
(Inc VAT £3948.00)
CWS Best TIG 160 Amp DC compact Digital
160A Pulsed DC TIG
(Inc VAT £378.00)
Collection Only Item
(Inc VAT £213.60)
Portable Welding Machine Bag - Comes with 2 large pockets for all your rods and cables.
(Inc VAT £50.16)