Oxy Fuel Equipment Sets
Miniature Artorch Torch For Oxy / Acetylene or Propane With 2m Hoses G3/8
Miniature Torch For Use With Oxy / Acetylene or Propane Includes 2m Blue & Orange Hoses G3/8 Connections - Micro Torch, 5 nozzles & 2 hoses.
£170.12 £400.00
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Cutting, Brazing & Heating Set - Oxy / Propane
Cylinders Available Separately
(Inc £440.06)
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Model O Set - Side Entry Regs - Microbore Hoses - No Trolley
Model O professional kit - just add side outlet gas bottles & Trolley if required
(Inc £281.27)
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Oxy / Acetylene Portable Welding Set
Portable Oxygen & Acetylene Gas Set Welding & Cutting Cylinders are not included in the set.
(Inc £394.19)
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Model O Lead Welding Torch Set - Mini Gas Bottles
Mini Lead Welding Model O Setup - CWS Original
Noz-Alls work on every Model O torch before it is sold. For possibly the best Model O torch on the market make sure you buy the CWS Model O. This set is perfect for anyone that needs to take the gases high up with them.
(Inc £320.94)
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Smith Little Artorch Set
Uniweld - Artorch Micro Welding Torch - Set Includes Torch handle, hoses & 5 tips.
Uniweld Artorch Micro Welding Torch - Set Torch, Hoses & Nozzles #2, #3, #4, #5 & #6 Genuine American torch set with red & green hoses.
£139.82 £384.29
(Inc £167.78)
Oxy / Acetylene Gas Set - Weld, Heat & Cut to 50mm
Complete Gas Set - Oxygen & Acetylene cylinders and gas fills are available separately
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Oxy / Propane Cutting Set Complete
(Inc £239.24)