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Nozzles for cutting, welding, gouging, rivet cutting, bulkhead cutting, spot heating, super heating, scarfing, sheet metal working with all fuel gas types
From standard NM250 (18/90) to various Harris types to extra thick section cutting torches for foundry work. We have probably the largest range of oxy fuel kit
Elga Equipment
Elga Equipment
Typical Scandinavian style gas equipment based on the AGA gas equipment range like the HA211 / X11 = D75 injector range or the HA311 / X21 = S80 Elga range
Flashback Arrestors
Flashback Arrestors
Top quality German manufactured flashback arrestors tested by BAM to ensure you and your property remain safe. The FBA comply with BS EN ISO 5175 part 1
Machine Cutting
Machine Cutting
Oxy / acetylene or oxy / propane cutting machines provide accurate cutting, finished product cut face quality quickly and efficiently from simple straight cuts
Mirco Torch Operations
Mirco Torch Operations
Smith Little Torch is the same as the American Artorch from Uniweld both American and very similar special micro torch nozzles for miniature joining operations
Powder Cutting
Powder Cutting
Iron powder cutting with oxy / acetylene or oxy / propane allows the artisan to severe materials normally difficult to cut with oxy / fuel cast and alloy steel
Quick Connectors
Quick Connectors
Quick Connector for regulator, hose and torch mounting allow quick and easy change over of process from one torch to another without turning the gas off
Wholesale & International Items
Acetylene Hose 6,3mm Bore x 2m Long Red G3/8LH x G3/8 BSP LH- Conti-tech
Continental Acetylene Hose - 6mm Bore - 2m Long - 3/8 BSP Reg Fitting & 3/8 BSP Hose Check Valve - Hose Branded Conti-tech
(Inc £10.92)
Slice Electrodes 100 Pack SpeedFire Thermic Lance 7mm x 559 mm
Thermic Lancing Rods - SpeedFire - ArcAir 7mm x 559 mm pack 100
(Inc £259.20)
ELGA D75 Equal Pressure Mixer - Propane Tips
D75 and X21 equal pressure mixer - supplied with 3 brazing nozzles for use with propane.
(Inc £48.50)
Out Of Stock
Double Roller Cutting Guide AGA X11 / Elga D75 Elga 3522.0000 - AGA X11 / Elga D75
X11 / D75 Double Roller Cutting Guide - Fits to injector cutting attachment head
£47.52 £57.00
(Inc £57.02)
Spark Lighter - Single Flint Renewal - Screw on
Usual Dispatch: Same Day
(Inc £5.15)
Spark Lighter Single Flint With Round Cup
Round Cup Flint Spark lighter
Spark Lighter with Round Gas Retention Cup
£2.58 £3.57
(Inc £3.10)
Triple Flint Spark Lighter Renewal Plate
Spark Lighter - Triple Flint Renewal Plate
Spark Lighter - Triple Flint Renewal Plate
£0.72 £1.00
(Inc £0.86)
3 Flint Cup Spark Lighter
Triple Flint Spark lighter
Top quality Triple Flint Spark Igniter
£4.44 £6.14
(Inc £5.33)
Chalk marker with 3 refills
Chalk Marker Pen Set 3 off - 125 x 12.5 x 5mm
Chalk / soap stone marker pen with pocket clip and refills - 125 x 12.5 x 5mm
(Inc £1.92)
Nozzle Tip Cleaners - Wallet
Welding Nozzle Tip Cleaner Set
£1.86 £2.57
(Inc £2.23)
Elga 3033456X - Elga Pipeline Optimator
Elga GasIQ Optimator Shielding Gas Economiser Flowmeter - Pipeline Outlet Point
(Inc £131.40)
Out Of Stock
Elga 3033456X - Elga Optimator Shielding Gas Regulator
Elga GasIQ Optimator Shielding Gas Economiser Flowmeter
(Inc £193.38)
Out Of Stock
High Flow Flashback Arrestor
High Flow FBA with G1/2 & G3/8 Fittings Reg Mounted
£87.70 £122.50
(Inc £105.24)
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Flashback Arrestors Torch Mounted
Usual Dispatch: Same Day
(Inc £24.30)
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Y Valve Fuel Left Hand Threads - Red Knobs
Double Outlet Valve
(Inc £9.28)
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Wizard Beetle Straight Line Cutting Machine 110Volt
Bench tested before dispatch these items will have a delayed dispatch. Please contact us for availability.
£537.16 £935.00
(Inc £644.59)
HCV G3/8 Hose Check Valve with 6.3mm inlet nipple
Esab OFHCV386 - Hose Check Valve G3/8 BSP 6.3mm HCV
Complies & Meets BS EN 730-2
£4.65 £6.75
(Inc £5.58)
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HCV G1/4 Hose Check Valve With High Flow
Hose Check Valve G1/4 BSP 6.3mm - HCV
HCV - Complies & Meets BS EN 5175-2 (BS EN 730-2)
£4.65 £6.75
(Inc £5.58)
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ANM Cutting nozzle UK type
ANM Afrox style ANM -6 asetileen snyspuitstuk
High Quality British Design Solid copper ANM-6 cutting nozzle with 6 pre-heat flames.
£3.65 £8.86
(Inc £4.38)
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ANM Cutting nozzle UK type
Afrox style PNM -18 Oxy / propaan snypunt PNM
Oxy / Propane Cutting Nozzle PNM-18 Vacuum fuel inlet with 18 pre-heat flames.
£3.74 £8.86
(Inc £4.49)
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Tip Cleaners Extra Length
Nozzle Tip Cleaners - Long
Extended Length Nozzle Cleaning Needle Files
£2.48 £3.43
(Inc £2.98)
Nozzle Tip Cleaners - Nozzle Needle Files
Blue Case Standard Nozzle Needle File Set
(Inc £2.88)
CanCut "CC" Post Mixing Machine Cutting Torch
Machine Cutting Torch Post mixing CanCut CC Torch
(Inc £448.74)
Out Of Stock
Gas Ecomomiser - Pilot light acetylene
£20.66 £28.57
(Inc £24.79)
Gas Economiser - Pilot Light Propane
£24.79 £34.29
(Inc £29.75)
Gas Economiser
£59.91 £82.86
(Inc £71.89)
Out Of Stock
Double Roller Bevel & Circle Cutting Guide
Double Roller Cutting Guide & Circle Cutting Bar 84 - 956mm Dia.
(Inc £46.31)
 Wizard straight line cutter
Wizard Beetle Straight Line Cutting Machine 230Volt
Usual Dispatch: 24hrs (Bench tested before dispatch)
£537.16 £935.00
(Inc £644.59)
Out Of Stock
Wizard - Pipe Cutting Machine
Usual Dispatch: 24hrs (Bench tested before dispatch)
£504.10 £685.71
(Inc £604.92)
High Flow Flashback Arrestor - Torch mounted
High Flow FBA with G1/2 & G3/8 Fittings Reg Mounted
£92.85 £128.40
(Inc £111.42)
Machine Cutting Nozzle Koike Style 106 D7
Oxy/propane high speed cutting nozzle.
(Inc £14.88)
Out Of Stock
Excalibur Extended Powder Cutting Blowpipe NM500 x 1400mm
£564.42 £1071.43
(Inc £677.30)
Iron Powder Head - Various sizes
(Inc £0.00)
Out Of Stock
Iron Powder Cutting Torch NM500 - 1400mm x 180
Extended Length NM500 Iron Powder Cutting Torch x 180 Head
£695.30 £1571.43
(Inc £834.36)
Powder Cutting Torch Excalibur NM500 x 75
£492.03 £1250.00
(Inc £590.44)
Powder cutting torch NM400 x 75
Cut difficult to cut materials
£482.04 £1135.71
(Inc £578.45)
Powder Cutting Attachment
(Inc £692.46)
Iron Powder Head - Inner powder nozzle
£118.80 £221.43
(Inc £142.56)
Oxy / Fuel Cutting Iron Powder Dispenser 25 - 50 kg
£3610.34 £6397.14
(Inc £4332.41)
Out Of Stock
Extra Heavy Cutting Torch
Thick Section Cutting Torch - 1250mm Capacity Oxy Propane
£2582.50 £3571.43
(Inc £3099.00)
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