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Welding Machines
Migatronic 79510403 - FOCUS TIG AC DC Pulsed TIG Welder
(Inc VAT £1872.00)
Migatronic 79510360 - FOCUS TIG DC HP PFC Welding Machine
(Inc VAT £1728.00)
Migatronic DC Pulsed TIG Welder - FOCUS 160 DC HP PFC
(Inc VAT £870.00)
Migatronic Focus 120E MMA welder
Portable MMA Welder - Migatronic Focus STICK 120E PFC
(Inc VAT £330.00)
Headux Titan 250C Compact Inverter MIG Welder
250 amp compact MIG unit with 4 roll drive system. Double digital display and spool on gun ready. What more could someone looking for a new MIG welder want while running on a single phase!
(Inc VAT £1374.00)
Headux Titan 195 3 Qtr view
Compact and portable with synergic setup - take out the need to work out a setup and just weld! This machine will do MIG, TIG and MMA.
(Inc VAT £738.00)
Headux Titan 188 Inverter MIG Welder
After the best MIG welder for your money Headux 180 amp MIG welder with MMA welding function. Spool on gun ready and push pull torch capable. The perfect machine for a keen hobbiest through to the mobile welding professionals.
(Inc VAT £512.40)
AutoStar Inverter Compact 250 Amp MIG
(Inc VAT £1074.00)
(Inc VAT £1740.00)
Jasic JM252C Compact MIG & MMA Welder on Wheels
250A Compact MIG - JM-252C
(Inc VAT £1205.40)
MIG 160 Amp 230V Autostar DIY portable
A multi purpose compact 160A MIG welder - 3 Year Warranty. Good value MIG welder and perfect for the DIY welder plus a wide range of jobs!
(Inc VAT £507.60)
(Inc VAT £0.00)
Jasic JT-500D
(Inc VAT £4746.00)
Jasic JT-400P
(Inc VAT £3061.80)
Jasic JPT-180
(Inc VAT £520.80)
Jasic JM 350P Double Pulse Inverter MIG Welder
Jasic JM-350P. This MIG welder is the first in the range to include pulse welding. 3 Phase. 10 - 350 amps.
(Inc VAT £4783.80)
Jasic 452S Water cooled Inverter MIG Welder
Jasic JM-452S-WC The water cooled 450 amp welder on offer from Jasic.
(Inc VAT £3486.00)
Jasic JM-452S - A 450 amp MIG machine with separate wire feed unit. 60-450 amps.
(Inc VAT £2847.60)
Jasic JM 352S-WC 350 Amp MIG Welder
Jasic JM-352S-WC water cooled version on the 350 amp MIG machine with separate wire feeder.
(Inc VAT £2936.64)
Jasic JM-352S a 3 Phase MIG unit with separate wire feed. 50-350 amp range.
(Inc VAT £2398.20)
Jasic JM-272S a single phase welder with separate wire feed unit. 10-270a range.
(Inc VAT £2179.80)
Jasic JM-250S a 3 Phase MIG welder with separate wire feed unit. 35-350a range.
(Inc VAT £1226.40)
Jasic Portable Machine Trolley For MIG & TIG & MMA
Jasic JIT-01 Portable Machine Trolley - Good quality, robust and compact design. Carriage Paid
(Inc VAT £169.30)
Migatronic Omega Yard 300A
Numerous different configurations! Please ask for a complete list of possible options.
(Inc VAT £3828.00)
Compact Inverter Electrode Welding Machine
160A IGBT Stick Welder - 1 Yr Warranty
(Inc VAT £114.00)
Light Weight MMA Stick Welding Machine 140 Amp
140A IGBT Stick Welder - 1 Yr Warranty
(Inc VAT £102.00)
(Inc VAT £295.20)
Comes with amperage adjuster in torch handle.
(Inc VAT £1056.00)