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Headux Welders
Headux Welders
Some of the best value welding machines with IGBT inverter technology. 5 year warranty option with all service and spares available from Noz-Alls in Cheltenham
MIG Welder
MIG Welder
Simple 230V Headux inverters MIG welders through to high end professional Migatronic MIG machines, we stock welders to suit all your applications and needs
TIG Welder
TIG Welder
Looking for your next TIG welder? Our IGBT inverter TIG welders are excellent value for money and available in both DC and AC/DC forms in a choice of brands.
Stick Welder
Stick Welder
MMA or electrode welding inverter machines are light weight easy to use welders. From 130 A 240V through to 600 Amp 3 phase welder for every application
Multi Process Welding Machines
Multi Process Welding Machines
MIG inverter welding machines with the ability to be used confidently as MMA stick welders plus some have good lift TIG options having more adjustment than amps
Plasma Cutter
Plasma Cutter
Inverter plasma cutters to cut from 25 amp with a built-in compressor through to professional cutters capable of cutting 100mm. Cut copper, Aluminium, stainless
Air Compressors
Air Compressors
Whether it is for car spray painting or a plasma cutter you will probably need an air compressor We sell a large range of compressors to suit most applications
Oxy Fuel Cutting Machines
Oxy Fuel Cutting Machines
Oxy / Acetylene Or Oxy / Propane portable straight line cutting tractors often used on a track for accuracy. The most common type is the Beetle / CG30 tractor
Welding Machine Trolley
Welding Machine Trolley
Welding machine trolleys from small DIY trolleys suitable for a range of small compact welders through to large OEM professional grade machine trolleys
Migatronic Welders
Migatronic Welders
Migatronic welding machines for the professional with many advanced features, their range of 3 phase welders are built to last, powerful with high duty cycles
Butters MIG Welders
Butters MIG Welders
Butters MIG welders are made in England to very high standards,using the best quality components, 230V up to 300Amps compact or separates to 550A at 100% duty
Jasic Welders
Jasic Welders
Jasic welding machines offer good value for money with a lot of welder for not so much money offering a wide range from serious DIY to professional welders
Welding Machines
Jasic JFC-08 - Jasic Foot Pedal
Control for use with Jasic JT-202D, JT-202A
(Inc £249.90)
Jasic JM-250P - Jasic 250A Pulsed MIG Welder - JM-250P
Jasic JM-250P - Jasic 250A Pulsed MIG Welder - JM-250P
250A Compact MIG - JM-250P Pulsed and Synergic.
(Inc £1948.80)
AutoStar Inverter Compact 250 Amp MIG
MIG Welder Autostar AS-250 - 250A Compact Inverter Welder
MIG Welder Semi compact 250 Amp - Accepts full size 15gk spools of MIG filler wire
(Inc £1050.00)
MIG 160 Amp 230V Autostar DIY portable
MIG Welder Autostar AS-160 - 160A Compact MIG Welder
A multi purpose compact 160A MIG welder - 3 Year Warranty. Good value MIG welder and perfect for the DIY welder plus a wide range of jobs!
(Inc £450.00)
Generator Welder 200 Amp DC
This item is made to order so there is a delay before shipping.
(Inc £1797.42)
Fiac - Air Compressor complete Honda petrol motor
Compressed Air when there is no power supply
(Inc £0.00)
Jasic JT-500D - Jasic TIG 500 AC DC TIG Welder
Jasic JT-500D
(Inc £5037.60)
Plasma Cutter 100a Headux TitanCut 100 - 35mm Cut
Manual / hand cutting plamsa machine with a maximum amperage of 100 amps.
£1315.00 £2449.00
(Inc £1578.00)
Jasic JT-400P - Jasic TIG 400P - DC Water Cooled TIG Machine
Jasic JT-400P
(Inc £3376.80)
Jasic JPT-180 - Jasic TIG 180 SE - DC TIG Welder
Jasic JPT-180
(Inc £583.20)
GCE PLPM040 - Compact 40 Amp Plasma Cutter - GCE Gladius
Compact Portable Plasma Cutter
(Inc £756.00)
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Migatronic  160 Amp MMA
Migatronic - Migatronic Focus 161 Stick Welder - 160 Amp MMA
Top Quality 160 Amp Stick Welder
(Inc £330.00)
Jasic JMT-250S - Jasic MIG Welder Trolley - Heavy Duty Jasic
Welding trolley specific for the Jasic MIG 250S but will obviously be suitable for many others.
(Inc £300.00)
Migatronic - Mig Welding Machine Trolley - Migatronic RallyMIG
Migatronic Clever Compact MIG Machine & Cylinder Trolley
(Inc £306.80)
Migatronic - Full size MIG Welding Trolley - Migatronic
Migatronic Full Size Machine Trolley With 3 Placement Shelves 1 Adjustable
(Inc £466.80)
Jasic JPA-160PFC - MMA Stick Welder Pro ARC 160 PFC Wide Voltage Inverter Arc Welder
160 Amp PFC MMA Welder including case and leads
(Inc £382.20)
Jasic 180 Amp stick welding set including case
Jasic JPA-180 - Jasic Pro ARC 180a 240V MMA Welder
240v 180A Stick Welder including leads and case
(Inc £315.60)
Jasic - Trolley JTT 01
Jasic JTT 01 Full Size Trolley - Large rear Wheels
(Inc £304.94)
Light Weight MMA Stick Welding Machine 140 Amp
Stick Welder 140 Amp MMA Welder from CWS
140A IGBT Stick Welder - 1 Yr Warranty
(Inc £75.00)
Jasic Portable Machine Trolley For MIG & TIG & MMA
Jasic JIT-01 - Jasic Vertical Portable Machine Trolley
Jasic JIT-01 Portable Machine Trolley - Good quality, robust and compact design. Carriage Paid
(Inc £163.20)
Headux TitanCut 40PFC - Plasma Cutter - Package 20mm
A power factor corrected plasma cutter - extension cable friendly. 40 amp on 230v, 30 amp on 110v)
(Inc £686.40)
Migatronic Focus TIG DC Pulsed Welder 160 Amps
Migatronic DC Pulsed TIG Welder - FOCUS 160 DC HP PFC
(Inc £672.00)
Migatronic Focus TIG ACDC Pulsed Welder 200 Amps
Migatronic 79510403 - FOCUS TIG AC DC Pulsed TIG Welder
(Inc £1740.00)
Jasic JA-200PFC - Jasic Pro ARC 200 Inverter Arc Welder MMA
200A Portable MMA Welder - Stick Welder - JA-200PFC
(Inc £399.00)
Jasic JP-81P - Jasic Plasma Cut 80
25mm Clean Cut - 3 phase - Compressor Required - Jasic JP-81
(Inc £1593.60)
Jasic JA-402C - Jasic Pro ARC 400A Inverter Arc Welder
400A Industrial MMA Welder - 5 Year Warranty 3 phase power required
(Inc £1785.00)
Migatronic Omega Compact 300 Amp Inverter MIG Welder
Migatronic Omega 300C 3 Phase Compact Inverter MIG
Prices from 1850 300 Amp MIG Welder Compact Basic control single case on a trolley
(Inc £2293.26)
JT-202D Jasic Digital AC DC TIG Welder
Jasic JT-202D - Jasic Pro TIG 200P AC/DC Digital
Digital AC DC TIG Welder - Jasic JT-202D
(Inc £1425.60)
Jasic JP-61 Plasma Cutter
Jasic JP-61 - Jasic Cut 60 Plasma Cutting Machine
20mm Clean Cut - 3 phase - Compressor Required - Jasic JP-61
(Inc £1406.40)
Headux TitanArc 160PFC - Dual Voltage 110V & 240V - Package
Headux TitanArc 160PFC - Dual Voltage 110V & 240V - Package
Dual voltage MMA Stick welder with 160 amps max at 230v. A simply great value welder.
£245.00 £366.00
(Inc £294.00)
Headux Titan Arc 200 PFC front
200 Amp Arc Welder 110V or 230V Headux TitanArc 200PFC - Dual Voltage - Package
The largest single phase dual voltage MMA Stick welder with 200 amps max at 230v. A simply great value welder.
(Inc £282.00)
Headux TitanTIG 200P - Headux TitanTIG 200 DC Pulse - Package
DC TIG welder with pulse function - 10 to 200 Amps the Headux machine is a very compact Inverter in a slim line and robust design of case.
(Inc £530.40)
Headux TitanTIG 200ACPro - Headux TitanTIG 200 PACDC PRO - Package
A slim AC DC TIG welder. 200 amps with AC frequency settings. Optional 5 year warranty.
(Inc £838.80)
Headux TitanTIG 200 Pulse ACDC
AC DC TIG Headux TitanTIG 200 Pulse ACDC - Package
The first of the AC DC TIG machines from Headux. Very affordable unit. A slimmed down version of the PRO unit.
(Inc £774.00)
Fiac - Screw Type Air Compressor 88CFM
Silent running 73dBa Screw Compressor
(Inc £0.00)
Outer for IPB300L Type Machine Cutting Nozzles
Outer for the smaller sizes of IPB300L
(Inc £20.42)
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Jasic JA-160PFC - Jasic Pro ARC 160 Wide Voltage Inverter Arc Welder
160A Dual Voltage Stick Welder - JA-160DV has been replaced by this machine. JA-160PFC.
(Inc £369.60)
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Jasic JRC-25 - Remote Control for Jasic 400 MMA
(Inc £224.40)
CWS Best TIG 160 Amp DC compact Digital
CWS Best TIG 160i TIG Welder
160A Pulsed DC TIG
(Inc £390.48)
Jasic JP-45PWV - Jasic Cut 45 PFC
15mm Clean Cut - Compressor Required - Jasic 45 Plasma Cutter Wide Voltage
(Inc £1167.60)