Jasic Best MIG 160A Compact MIG Welder
Jasic Best MIG 160A Compact MIG Welder
Jasic Best MIG 160A Compact MIG Welder
Jasic Best MIG 160A Compact MIG Welder
Jasic Best MIG 160A Compact MIG Welder

Autostar MIG Welder AS-160 - 160A Compact MIG Welder

Product code: BC2342
£423.00 ex VAT
A multi purpose compact 160A MIG welder - 3 Year Warranty. Best MIG value and perfect for the DIY welder and a wide range of jobs!
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Autostar 160A MIG Welder.
Probably the Best MIG available at this price and ideal for DIY and any portable welding work.

The CWS Autostar 160 is ideal for the DIY welder as well as the more experienced welder in the automotive and body work repair business sectors.  This CWS welder is very simple to set-up and use this is because unlike a cheap welder you are not restricted to 4 or 6 power setting, the CWS Autostar allows the welding power range to be infinitely adjusted between 30 and 160 Amps thereby enabling you to select the power and set your welder to exactly what is required for the job you are doing, making little tweaks if required without having to adjust your welding speed.

In terms of value for money this is probably the best MIG welder for your money at this price point.  We are all aware that there will always be cheaper options with less advantages available in the market, along with many more expensive machines sporting a whole array features, when you decide you require those advantages and have to spend more.  As indicated at this price the CWS Autostar is probably the best MIG available plus the fact it has a Jasic factory pedigree you may be assured the build quality is really very good.
The CWS Autostar 160 MIG machine has features generally found on more professional machines, such as the all metal wire feed drive system with a high power 40Watt motor, separate wire feed button so you don't waste gas when loading wire, the burn back control to ensure your wire "frees" at the end of you weld when you release the trigger, all of which makes this welder truly great value for money. 

This CWS Autostar MIG machine is suitable for welding with 0.6, 0.8 and 1.0mm MIG wires. It is possible to work with all 3 wire sizes immediately because the CWS Autostar is supplied as new to you with the required "spare" roller having the "1,00"mm groove, (1,0 & 0,8mm on the roller) this wire drive roller is included in your price. Some suppliers charge fairly high prices for such items.
On the inside of the machine you will find a burn back control plus a wire feed button to help make your welding experience that bit more refined. Should you find yourself needing to change the polarity of the welder then this can be done with the plug on the front of the machine, so no faffing around on the inside of the machine. 
The use of flux cored wire (gas less) requires the use of the serrated drive roll, this is available as an option.

This compact CWS MIG machine lends itself to site work as well as mobile welding jobs thanks to its small size, light weight and generator friendly IGBT inverter. The MIG machine accepts the 5kg reels of wire making it relatively economical.

Buying your welder from Noz-Alls means that this CWS Autostar will be supplied complete with a 16 Amp plug for fitting to the power cable (13A heavy duty plug is also available if you require, although we recommend a 16A to 13A adaptor), included in the machine package is a good quality CWS type MB15 3m torch with an option of having a 4m torch or it you wish you may request the CWS type MB25 3m or 4m MIG torch.  Noz-Alls also supply our flow tube regulator for more precise flow control compared to the standard 2 gauge argon / mixed gas regulator. 

3 year warranty
As with any Autostar 160 machine bought from Noz-Alls - you will get a full 3 years warranty. No hassle of registration. Just weld from day one.

Key Features
Stable Arc - Better weld results
Compact - Less space being taken up
Lightweight - Easier to move
Burn Back Control - Longer contact tip life
Wire Feed Button - Save on gas when feeding wire
Reversible Polarity - Weld with gas-less wire (flux cored wire)

Technical Data
Input Voltage AC 230v
Input Power kVA 7.1
Voltage Adjustment Range 11 - 26v
Current Range 10 - 160A (30-160 MIG)
No-Load Voltage  53v
Duty Cycle @ 40°C 35% @ 160A
Wire Spool 5kg Max
Efficiency 85%
Power Factor 0.7
Protection Class IP21 S/F
Dimensions (mm) 485 x 185 x 370
Weight (kg) 12.5



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Brand Autostar
Code BC2342
Weight 12.5kg
Amps 160
Process MIG