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All our flap discs are produced by Sia Abrasives as are all excellent quality that is designed to last.  Flap discs by nature are designed to wear away to reveal new abrasive media on the leaf underneath. Compared to a fibre disc they will last much longer saving you the down time in changing a fibre disc over. 

They are all produced with Zirconia or Topsized Zirconia rather than Aluminium Oxide for the extended life features over Al/Ox. The flap discs which are lighter in colour are Topsized Zirconia and have active additives to help keep the grinding area cooler than standard Zirconia discs. 

Noz-Alls recommend the Salmon disc for reduced downtime and reduced cost per measure of abrasive. We too one of each disc at P60 grit level and tried to improve your ease of comparision. Below is our results.
Disc Type Grit Level Number of inserts Length of inserts Total length of media Factor Number
115mm x 22mm
P60 110 17.65mm 1941mm 0.738
115mm x 22mm
P60 80 17.9mm 1432mm 1.0
115mm x 22mm
P60 68 14.6mm 993mm 1.442
(Noz-Alls cannot guarantee that your P60 discs will come with the same overall length and must be used as a guide only)

Multiplying the price against the factor number should give you a comparible figure. The lower the price the better the value for money. *Different grit / disc sizes may not be suitable for applying this factor number* Of course you should compare like for like.
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