Miniature Thermic Lance 10mm Complete Kit

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Thermic lancing kit 10mm dia.
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This miniature thermic lance, the "Speedfire Slice Torch" comes as standard with 10mm collet and fittings to suit the 10mm OD thermic slice rods all of which make the mini thermic lance ideal for removing rusty or frozen pins in machine parts where the pins cannot be driven out.  As with all thermic lances, big or small, only oxygen is required as the fuel is the steel in the thermic lance.
The thermic lance may be ignited by heating the end of the lance with a flame or simply with a 12V car battery using the striker plate and cable.  Once ignited with the oxygen flowing the end of the thermic lance is placed agianst the end of the pin which is to be removed, pressure is applied to the end of the rod, the oxygen reaction is passed onto the pin and a hole through the pin is very quickly achieved.  The thermic lance rods do burn away quite quickly so several may be required to put a hole all the way through a 300mm / 12" long pin.  Once the pin has the hole bored through the area may be cooled down, as the pin contracts in diameter the rusty or frozen pin can easliy be removed.
Due to the amount of dross ejected from the hole making process having the correct PPE is important, Noz-Alls are able to supply this for you as well.
Heavy duty shade 5 face shield, leather or proban hood, leather jacket, proban boiler suit, leather sleeves, leather gauntlets.  Other combinations are available to suit your needs.

Lances not included but are also available. Please see the related products below. 



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