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High Quality ANM and ANME Nozzles

In the current economic environment many wholesalers of oxy fuel equipment have been chopping and changing suppliers of their consumable items as well as the equipment. This has enabled them to 'make more profit' but it is soon short lived as often short cuts are taken to cut costs. This is more evident than ever with the humble nozzle. 

Many nozzles look the same on the outside but often the insides are very different and it is this which makes the nozzle work. At Noz-Alls we have worked closely with our suppliers for many years to produce top of the range ANM (ANM-S) nozzles and ANME nozzles, these ANMs are produced specifically to our own drawing and as such are not the 'standard' nozzles that many other wholesalers and distributors sell. 

If you are a wholesaler or distributor, UK or overseas and have recently been hearing about your customers becoming disappointed over the performance of their cutting nozzles then get in touch with Noz-Alls. Once your customer uses any of our nozzles they will come back to you time and time again giving you and your customer complete piece of mind. 

For more information on any of our Oxy/Fuel range of equipment contact us;
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