Product Catalogues

We are often asked if we have a catalogue. The simple answer is no but the truth of the matter is we have so many different product lines available and simply adding them all to one product catalogue would be crazy. It would be a bit like the 'good old days' of a thick yellow pages and no such thing as the Internet. Below we have provided links to our supplier catalogues. If you need anything in them just call us. As we say - it might not be advertised online but we do sell it.

Migatronic Welding Machines - The cream of the crop, the best in the market with service and support to match. Whether you need a pulsed MIG welder or AC DC TIG welder or even a simple MMA welding set, Migatronic have it. All machines are made to exacting standards so while you may pay a little more for them you will get excellent value for money! Robust machines designed to last.

Migatronic Agent Mapping Tool (Click Map - Opens Migatronic Website).

Migatronic TIG Welders - FOCUS Range
Migatronic TIG Welders - PI Range
Migatronic MIG Welding Torches
Migatronic TIG Welding Torches
Migatronic Push Pull MIG Torches
Migatronic Plasma Cutting Torches
Migatronic Entry Level Single Phase MIG Sets
Migatronic Industrial Transformer Switched MIG Welder
Migatronic Automotive Garage Professional MIG Welder
Migatronic Ship Yard / Portable and Robust Welder
Migatronic Sigma Select MIG Welders

Sia Abrasives - This catalogue has a huge range and will be ideal for anyone with metal finishing needs.
The abrasives catalogue we have broken down into smaller sections - hopefully this will help make your life easier.

Emory Rolls - Abrasive Cloths
Abrasive Sheets
Sianet ® - Abranet ® Type Product
Sanding Discs
Fibre Discs - For use on an angle grinder
Flap Discs
Cutting and Grinding Discs
Siafix - Roloc ® Type Discs
Paper Abrasive Belts
Cloth Abrasive Belts
Spindle Mounted Flap Wheels
Abrasive Handpads
Other Non-Woven Abrasive Products
Non-Woven Belts
Surface Conditioning Discs (Including Spectrum Wheels)
Paint and Rust Removal
Foam Block Abrasives
Backing Pads
Car Polish

Lessmann - German made wire brushes. Yes they cost more but we have numerous customers telling us how much they have saved from not having to repeat purchase. One customer now used 1 brush compared to 4 of the old supplier.
Lessmann wire brush categories;
Angle Grinder Wire Brushes
Pipe Interior Wire Brush
Spindle Mounted Wire Brush
Wire Wheels for Deburring
Standard Wire Wheels
Manual Wire Brushes and Brooms
Wire Brush Specials

Metabo Power Tools - Not the full range of Metabo gear but their specials brochure. Call us for any of these items and we will be happy to help. Metabo Power Tool Specials

Plasma Cutting Table - If you are after a small plasma cutting table then this is the brochure for you. All the information you need and perfectly suited to the Jasic plasma cutting machines. ProCut Plasma Table

Pipe Cutting - Something that changes the way you will cut plastic and metal pipes forever! The Exact Pipe Cutter does just that. You can even get one to bevel it for you! Exact Pipe Cutting Machine

MOSA Generator and Welder Sets - Industrial genny welders and standard industrial generators from small portable units to static site generators. Too big for our show room but yes - we can supply them.
MOSA Generators Catalogue

Hand Tools and Air Tools - Quality air tools and great value hand tools. The Custo / Custor range of hand tools come with a lifetime warranty too!
Custo Hand Tools Catalogue
Air Tools Catalogue

Welding and Cutting Consumables - Whether it is MIG, TIG or Plasma consumables it is covered in this catalogue.

• Plasma Parts
        Trafimet Plasma Torch Consumables
        Thermal Dynamics Plasma Torch Consumables
        Cebora Plasma Torch Consumables
        Hypertherm Plasma Torch Consumables

• MIG Welding Consumables
        Binzel MIG Spares

• TIG Welding Consumables
        Binzel TIG Spares
        StarParts TIG Torches and Spares

PPE / Safety Equipment - We sell a vast range of safety gear and is it certainly not limited to the below document. If you are after a set of Weldas gloves for example - we do it. If you are after a 3M respirator - we do it. If you are after pair of Esab gloves or boots - once again, we do it. No doubt you get the idea...
Welding Safety Equipment

Kemper Fume Extraction - We sell the full range of Kemper products so if you cannot see it on our website but it is in the catalogues below then please get in touch. We will be more than happy to give you a price and lead time. Kemper equipment is a premium quality manufacturer that is time proved and will loyally serve you for many years to come.
High Suction Mobile Fume Extraction
High Suction Filter Replacements and Hoods
Industrial Mobile Fume Extraction
Mobile Filter Replacements and Hoods
Fume Extraction Welding Tables (and grinding)
Static Fume Extraction Systems
Static Fume Extraction Replacement Filters and Hoods
Central Fume Extraction Systems
General Air Ventilation Systems
Fume Extraction Arms and Fans
Kemper Plasma Cutting Tables
Kemper Suspended Fume Extraction Hood and Arc Protection
Industrial Welding Screens
Custom Made Welding Booths
Mobile Sound Proof Walls
Kemper Welding Masks

Jasic Welding Machines - Good quality welders with 5 year warranties. A complete range offering everything you need from small DIY machines right through to heavy industry products. Compact MIG Welders
MIG Welder Separates
DC TIG Welders
AC DC TIG Welders
Plasma Cutting Machines
Stick Welders