PPE & Safety
PPE & Safety
TC 180 True Colour ADF Welding Mask
Panoramic Welding Mask with 3 True Colour lenses - Massive view area and highest optical quality. No blue hue like other True Colour masks.
(Inc VAT £180.00)
TC5 Automatic Welding Helmet With XL viewing area shades 5 to 13
True colour welding helmet - Extra large viewing area. No blue hue like other True Colour masks.
(Inc VAT £90.00)
papr clean space powered filtered air respirator for welding
Wear your favourite welding mask with this PAPR unit providing you with clean air
(Inc VAT £708.00)
kemper vacufil 125 on torch welding fume extractor for high industrial usage
Kemper VacuFil 125 single workstation fume extractor is designed for very high industrial use for those welding on a daily basis this Vacufil 125 provides the highest on torch welding fume extraction when coupled with our Extraction MIG torches with very low operating costs.
(Inc VAT £5700.00)
fume extraction mig torch hd25 250 amp 4m
Fume extraction MIG torch for direct fume removal at source while welding rated at 250 amps 4m long
(Inc VAT £576.00)
holch fume extraction mig torch 550 amp water cooled
Holch Fume Extraction MIG Torch 510 to 550 Amp Water Cooled with 100% Duty Cycle. Exceptionally Good Fume Extraction
(Inc VAT £770.40)
(Inc VAT £0.78)
(Inc VAT £0.96)
(Inc VAT £1.98)
90x110mm Outer Lens
(Inc VAT £0.84)
Outer lenses for the Jasic 'True Colour' JH-HD mask.
(Inc VAT £0.88)
Inner lenses for the Jasic 'True Colour' JH-HD mask.
(Inc VAT £0.89)
(Inc VAT £17.82)
Out Of Stock
Close working dioptre lenses for MIG welding helmet
Magnifying lenses for auto darkening welding helmets
(Inc VAT £8.87)
Usual Dispatch: Same Day
(Inc VAT £58.20)
Basic MIG welding gloves
(Inc VAT £4.92)
Welding mask battery CR 2032.
(Inc VAT £0.60)
FFP3 High Quality Respirator - 4277 3M
(Inc VAT £33.49)
Wraparound style clear safety specs
(Inc VAT £2.10)
FFP2 High Quality Respirator - 4251 3M
(Inc VAT £20.16)
Kemper MiniFill fume extractor for torch extraction
W3 Fume extraction unit for MIG Torch
(Inc VAT £1704.00)
ESAB Curved MIG Gaunlet
(Inc VAT £15.18)
Fire Retardant Coverall - 40" Chest
(Inc VAT £33.60)
Green welding curtain, frame and castors included.
(Inc VAT £79.20)
Welding mask battery CR 2032. Sold in a pair.
(Inc VAT £4.20)
(Inc VAT £14.06)
Fibreglass Welding Blanket - Light Duty
(Inc VAT £10.60)
Fire Retardant Coverall - 44" Chest
(Inc VAT £33.60)
HD MIG Gloves by Migatronic
(Inc VAT £26.40)
Kemper W3 fume extractor Smartmaster
W3 - Welding Fume Extractor incl. 2m Arm 980.00
(Inc VAT £1248.00)