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Welding Fume Extraction
holch fume extraction mig torch 550 amp water cooled
Holch Fume Extraction MIG Torch 510 to 550 Amp Water Cooled with 100% Duty Cycle. Exceptionally Good Fume Extraction
(Inc VAT £770.40)
fume extraction mig torch hd25 250 amp 4m
Fume extraction MIG torch for direct fume removal at source while welding rated at 250 amps 4m long
(Inc VAT £576.00)
Kemper MiniFill fume extractor for torch extraction
W3 Fume extraction unit for MIG Torch
(Inc VAT £1704.00)
kemper vacufil 125 on torch welding fume extractor for high industrial usage
Kemper VacuFil 125 single workstation fume extractor is designed for very high industrial use for those welding on a daily basis this Vacufil 125 provides the highest on torch welding fume extraction when coupled with our Extraction MIG torches with very low operating costs.
(Inc VAT £5700.00)
Kemper W3 fume extractor Profimaster
Welders Health - Fume Filtering W3 Approved
(Inc VAT £2082.00)
Kemper W3 fume extractor Smartmaster
W3 - Welding Fume Extractor incl. 2m Arm 980.00
(Inc VAT £1248.00)
Welding Fume Mobile Filter Extraction Unit
(Inc VAT £3648.00)
Welding fume extraction with 2 arms "W3" approved
(Inc VAT £3000.00)
Kemper Dusty is compact 300 x 300 x 690 mm high
(Inc VAT £1320.00)
W3 - Welding fume extractor for continuous use
(Inc VAT £3768.00)
Price on Application
(Inc VAT £0.00)