Kemper - Kemper ProfiMaster with 4m arm W3 Fume extraction
Item code: 60 650 102
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Welders Health - Fume Filtering W3 Approved
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Welding Fume Extraction & Filtering - Kemper ProfiMaster

The Kemper ProfiMaster with 2m or 3m or 4m flexible arm has been designed to take out welding fume and is W3 approved to help ensure all your artisans remain safe whilst improving productivity.
Being fully manouverable with two fixed wheels plus two lockable caster wheels means you can position this fume filtering unit exactly where you need it.  Operating from single phase 230V supply means this air purifying unit is equally at home taking the fume away from the artisans in small, medium & large workshops.

ProfiMaster fume filtering equipment is manufactured by Kemper in Germany, as you would expect from a top class German manufacturer the design has been well thought out to provide low operating costs and a long working life  which means this fume filtering unit may cost a little more than some initially but will quickly pay dividens with its low operating costs.

How do you know when to change the filters?  Simple.
The LED on the front control panel illuminates when you need to telephone Noz-Alls to order some "pre-Filter" mats, this gives you time before the pre-filter mat has to be changed.  Pre-filter mats are sold in packs of 10 - Part number CD0040
The buzzer will sound when the pre-filter mat needs to be swapped out for a new one.
Generally this should happen ten times before the main filter has to be changed.  
When the main filter needs to be changed the buzzer will remain on.
ProfiMaster Main Filter is Part number - PA0974

There are various options which includes machine auto start and stop as well as illumination of the extraction hood.
For an accurate price for an extractor to do what you need it to do please telephone Noz-Alls.

Kemper operating costs have been designed to be lower than competitors similar units and typically the filters cost less plus need replacing less frequently also resulting in a lower running costs.

Picture shows 4m flexible extraction arm.  Item Number 60 650 102
With 3m flexible extraction arm - item number 60 650 101
With 2m flexible extraction arm - item number 60 650 100

Technical Data

Filter stages                       2
Filter method                      Disposable filter
Filter surface                      ca. 17 m²
Type of filter                       Filter cassette
Filter material                     Non-woven fibre
Filter efficiency                   > 99.5 %
Filter class                          E12
Additional filters                  Pre-filter

Basic data
Extraction capacity             1,100 m³/h
Dimensions (w x d x h)       785 x 730 x 950 mm
Weight                                104 kg
Motor power                       1.1 kW
Power supply                      3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
Rated current                      2.3 A
Noise level                          72 dB(A)

Additional information
IFA-Certification                    W3-Approved
Fan type                                Radial fan
Quantity of extraction arms   1
Exhaust arm type                  flexible exhaust arm
Diameter extraction arm        150 mm
Length of exhaust arm           4 m


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