Fume Extraction
We stock and supply a full range of fume extraction systems from air fed welding masks by Weltek and CWS through to possibly the best fume extraction torches on the market. German manufactured and designed from the ground up rather than standard MIG torch with modifications. When combined with the Kemper fume extraction units we believe we have the ultimate in fume protection. 

Of course what you see on our website is only the tip of the iceberg in what we can supply. If there is something you need but cannot see just give us a call or email. 
Fume Extraction
kemper vacufil 125 on torch welding fume extractor for high industrial usage
Kemper VacuFil 125 single workstation fume extractor is designed for very high industrial use for those welding on a daily basis this Vacufil 125 provides the highest on torch welding fume extraction when coupled with our Extraction MIG torches with very low operating costs.
(Inc VAT £5700.00)
fume extraction mig torch hd25 250 amp 4m
Fume extraction MIG torch for direct fume removal at source while welding rated at 250 amps 4m long
(Inc VAT £477.60)
holch fume extraction mig torch 550 amp water cooled
Holch Fume Extraction MIG Torch 510 to 550 Amp Water Cooled with 100% Duty Cycle. Exceptionally Good Fume Extraction
(Inc VAT £576.00)
250 amp mig welder complete with 4m fume extraction torch & kemper fume filter
Fume Extraction MIG Welder 250 Amp Package
(Inc VAT £3228.00)
Kemper MiniFill fume extractor for torch extraction
W3 Fume extraction unit for MIG Torch
(Inc VAT £1704.00)
Kemper W3 fume extractor Smartmaster
W3 - Welding Fume Extractor incl. 2m Arm 1020.00
(Inc VAT £1284.00)
Navitek S4 Air Fed Flip Up Welding Mask
Air Fed Welding Helmet with ADF
(Inc VAT £454.80)
Out Of Stock
Kemper Dusty Welding Fume Filter Double inlet
Kemper Dusty is compact 300 x 300 x 690 mm high
(Inc VAT £1122.00)