250 Amp MIG Welder Complete With Fume Extraction Torch & Kemper Fume Filter
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Fume Extraction MIG Welder 250 Amp Package
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Complete 250 Amp MIG Welding Package With Fume Extraction

This is the best value welding fume extraction package available providing brilliant welding ability coupled with the best at source fume extraction.
The package consists of:-
Top quality Headux 250 Amp compact inverter MIG welder complete with full size trolley
Simply the best German engineered Holch 250Amp fume extraction 4m MIG torch with the best fume extraction of all MIG torches using a super compact 32mm bore extraction hose. (3m or 5m option available).
Kemper MiniFil fume extraction filter complete with trolley and 2,5m connection hose (110V option if required).
Please note that when your work entails welding on a 24/7 basis then you will require the Kemper VacuFil 125 instead of the MiniFil.

This packge provides you with the best available ensuring value for money.

Our quick video clip shows welding with the Holch torch extraction "on" followed by the Kemper MiniFil vacuum having been turned  "off" so you see the normal fume as a direct comparison, then the Vacuum turned back "on" the close up didn't work as my stills camera doesn't refocus easily.  We will reshoot later.  The Headux 250C Welder was operating at 230 Amps welding with 1,0mm mild steel ESAB G3Si MIG wire with the wire speed at 16,5 m/ min.
The Holch MIG torch is the MHS350 air cooled version which has the same front end as the water cooled MHS 450.



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