Holch Fume Extraction MIG Torch HD25 250 Amp 4m
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Fume extraction MIG torch for direct fume removal at source while welding rated at 250 amps 4m long
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Fume Extraction MIG Torch MHS 250 x 4m - Holch

Welding fume extraction at source that works. 
This top quality German designed and manufactured Holch MHS 250 MIG torch is available in 3m, 4m and 5m lengths as standard. 
Designed with standard euro connector to fit any MIG / MAG welding machine with the euro connection.
These fume extraction MIG torches are not just a converted "MB25" MIG torch with fume extraction, these MIG torches have been designed from the start to be a fume extraction torch, this is one reason why they function better than most other fume extraction MIG torches.
These MIG fume extraction torches make use of heavy duty components making the working life longer and consumable parts required less often.
This heavy duty MHS 250 fume extraction torch is slightly larger than a standard MB25 style MIG torch, by comparison with other fume extraction torches the overall size of the fume extraction torch is smaller and more compact making them less bulky and easier to work with.  
The ideal partner for this fume extraction torch is the Kemper MiniFil or for heavy use the Kemper VacuFil 125 with a 2.5m hose (5m & 10m suction hoses are available).

250 Amps with 100% duty cycle when using CO2 or 210 Amps with 100% duty cycle when using Argon mixed shielding gases.

When required a full range of spare parts are available from everyday shrouds and contact tips to swan necks and grip halves et cetera.


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