Kemper VacuFil 500 Four On Torch Welding Fume Extraction Connections For Constant Industrial Usage
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Kemper VacuFil 500 four workstation fume extractor is designed for very high industrial use for those welding on a daily basis this Vacufil 500 provides the highest on torch welding fume extraction when coupled with our Extraction MIG torches with very low operating costs.
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Kemper Welding Torch Fume Extraction  VacuFil 500 - 4 Torch Fitting
For permanent use with automatic balanced volume flow adjustment

The Kemper VacuFil 500 is for use with 4 work stations and is a high vacuum extraction unit for large quantities of welding fume and dust and is designed for permanent use with Holch torch integrated extraction during welding as it has automatic filter cleaning.  The VacuFil 500 makes use of a side channel compressor for vacuum generation which ensures robust performance expected by industrial users.  The option of th automatic balanced flow adjustment makes sure that the optimum operating point is maintained for each of the four torches no matter whether 1, 2, 3 or 4 torches are being used.  A wide variety of flue gas extraction torches may be fitted however the best in tests conducted by Kemper is the Holch fume extraction torch  – See the Noz-Alls range of MIG  torch extraction  as they are not as clumsy or bulky as others on the market plus they extract fume properly.

 The Kemper VacuFil 500 is designed for:-
  • High levels of smoke and dust
  • Non-stop operation
  • Torch extraction
  • Best health protection for employees through the use of KemTex® ePTFE
  • filter cartridges with surface filtration
 Advantages of the Kemper VacuFil 500
  • Simple and precise flue gas extraction torch selection via touch display with automatic volume flow adjustment
  • Uninterrupted continuous operation due to automatically controlled filter cleaning
  • Fleet management, remote maintenance and pre-noise maintenance using autarkic networking via mobile radio to the KEMPER cloud
Key Technical Features
  • Automatic filter cleaning, pressure-controlled
  • Side channel compressor
  • KemTex® ePTFE filter cartridges
  • KEMPER-Cloud connection via mobile radio
  • Contamination -free dust disposal in one-way containers.
  • Control via touch panel


Filter stages                              1
Filter method                             Cleanable filter
Filter cleaning method               Rotating nozzle
Filter surface                             10 m²
Type of filter                             Filter cartridge
Filter material                            ePTFE membrane
Filter efficiency                         > 99.9 %
Dust classification                     M

Basic data

Extraction capacity                    500 m³/h
Dimensions (w x d x h)              655 x 1197 x 1377 mm
Weight                                      264 kg
Motor power                             5,5 kW
Power supply                            3 x 400 V / 50 Hz
Rated current                            11 A
Noise level                                74 dB(A)

Additional information

Fan type                                   Side channel blower
Compressed air supply              5 - 6 bar
Capacity Dust collection container         40 l

Benefits include:-

Continual high efficiency due to automatic filter cleaning
The best health protection for employees through the use of KemTex® ePTFE filter cartridges having surface filtration
Great flexibility in operation with versions having four separate connections
Uninterrupted continuous operation due to automatically controlled filter cleaning

Automatic filter cleaning, pressure-controlled

Dust collection container
Filter monitoring
Side channel compressor
KemTex® ePTFE filter cartridge
4 x 45mm and 1 x 100mm hose/duct connector
Options include
  • Automatic start/stop
  • Suction hose
  • Slot and funnel nozzle
  • Connector for welding torches


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