RPE Navitek S13 - True Colour - PAPR Air Fed Powered Respirator ADF Welding Helmet
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S13 Weltek Air Fed Welding Helmet with True Colour ADF - RPE
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PAPR - Personal Air Powered Welding Respirator NaviTek S13 True Colour
Now with the latest in True Colour technology! 

Wearing this mask ensures you breath clean filtered air whilst you are welding.  Based on the HSE guide lines you may need other forms of LEV to work alongside your PAPR welding mask.  Check out the government information as it depends on how many hours you weld per week or per session as to what LEV is required.

RPE will enable you to comply with HSE regulations STSU1-2019 for welding fume protection which now includes mild steel.  When your local exhaust ventilation doesn't remove 100 % of the fume being produced then you need to wear PAPR as well to ensure you remain safe from welding fume.

This fully featured "Navitek S13" ADF welding mask has a large clear view true colour lens 100 x 67mm and is ideal for use where you will be welding onsite with or without external sources of fume extraction.  This Air fed welding respirator has all the features you need to make welding and safety the number one priority, side window mean you are aware of those around you plus what is happening around you.  The lithium Ion battery pack will easily last for a full 8 hour shift at normal flow (180 L/min) allowing you to weld safely all day without interruption.  Should you forget to charge your battery and use one which is not fully charged or when the flow rate drops due to a blocked filter an alarm will sound plus the unit will vibrate should you not hear the alarm.
Filter changes and battery charging are both very simple and quick to carry out.  After the initial first charge of 16 hours the normal charge period is 4 to 6 hours and may be carried out with the battery on or off the filter unit.

The Automatic Darkening Filter (ADF) has a convenient flip up shield which means you may view your work without having to remove your respirator.  The ADF shade is adjustable between shades 9 to 13 plus there is a grinding mode setting and the usual adjustments for "sensitivity" and "delay to light" which allow you to tune the settings to your work environment. 

The Navitek S13 air fed system provides high-level protection against eye and face injury whilst helping to prevent work-related respiratory conditions. 

  • Comfortable, light and versatile
  • 6 to 10 hours running time, optional 14 hour hd battery
  • Large view lens 100 x 67 mm true colour
  • PRSLTH2 filtration
  • Grinding mode
  • Dual mode airflow speeds + Flow test meter
  • Battery and filter alarms
  • Conforms to EN166B, 175B, 379, EN12941, CE
  • 4 arc sensors
  • Storage bag included
  • Warranty: 2 Years Helmet - 1 Year Airkos Unit
Please note that we took these pictures with the protective plastic film covering each lens face.
For health & hygiene reasons these masks are excluded from our returns policy.

Navitek S4

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