Optrel Panoramaxx ADF Welding Mask Plus E3000X Filter TH3
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Optrel PAPR Panoramaxx 2,5 Automatic Welding Mask - Improves your safety and productivity
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Optrel PAPR PanoraMaxx 2,5 Automatic Welding Mask
18 Hour Battery TH3 Filter System for Your Protection Optrel E3000X.

One of the keys issues discussed with artisans concerning ADF welding masks is the restricted view or almost tunnel vision that results when looking through the ADF lens, Optrel had to be brave and think “outside of the box” and not be restricted to conventional designs.  The Optrel Panoramaxx ADF lens gave the designers real problems to  overcome to obtain the performance and reliability expected from an Optrel branded product.  The unusual ADF lens shape designed for the Panoramaxx welding mask is revolutionary and provides the artisan with an exceptional view, as the welding mask name suggests.
What Optrel have designed is a specially shaped ADF lens which is able to be positioned close to your eyes, so close in fact that is has to sit over the nose, by doing this the “tunnel vision” associated with most Welding masks is dramatically reduced providing you with panoramic vision from the Optrel Panoramaxx welding lens.
This new shape of ADF mask and lens is quite different and needs to be worn and used to really appreciate how effective this new mask is.  Even though the ADF lens is an unusual shape Optrel have made dioptre lenses to fit the Panoramaxx welding mask so those of use that need to “wear glasses” to see what we are welding can take advantage of this brilliant new welding mask, just clip in the dioptre lens of your choice and away you go.
The view you get through the lens enables you to see so much more of your work environment that your safety will be greatly enhanced along with being able to view your work.  Noz-Alls make the point that although the Optrel Panoramaxx welding mask has a cut away area around the nose the mask does not at anytime “sit on the nose”, having the ADF lens close to your eyes means the mask screen is positioned just above the nose.
The fact that the Optrel Panoramaxx welding mask has a clear state lens shade of 2,5 means that the welding mask can be worn in position all the time with no need to “Flip Up & Down” as you weld and prep or grind. 

Optrel Panoramaxx is so clear you work continually with your mask in position no matter what operation you need to undertake.  Noz-Alls bring you the Optrel Panoramaxx welding mask as this mask enables you to be considerably more productive being able to work smarter and faster all day.  Think of the number of times during a normal working day you stop working, lift your welding mask then carryon with the next operation, you then stop flip your mask down so you are able to weld again. 
The Optrel Panoramaxx 2,5 mask is so clear plus has genuinely true colour optics that when in the light state you are able to work and function without interruption.
General workshop safety is improved because you are less likely to trip over or touch work items that you shouldn't due to the very clear state lens being almost the lowest on the market at shade level 2,5 (Optrel Crystal 2,0).
The health of the artisan is also taken into account with advanced features such as automatic shade level adjustment which ensures the correct level of filter darkness as you are welding then as your view or welding angle alter and your view of the arc changes the shade level alters to suit.  When welding you are always going to be at the optimum shade level to be in control of your welding.  When you stop welding and the arc is extinguished the Optrel Panoramaxx 2,5 ADF lens has a daylight setting which is again aimed at improving the health of the artisan this feature has also been designed to reduce the stress on your eyes compared to a conventional ADF welding mask lens, this reduces fatigue for the artisan.
Positioning your Optrel mask correctly on your head is made easy using the patented eccentric control which allows just one twist to ensure the optimum position placement on your head.
Grinding mode in the Optrel Panoramaxx 2,5 has the clearest lightest shade of any welding mask in the market today of just shade level 2,0 where level 1.0 is normal daylight.
The ergonomics of the Panoramaxx 2,5 mask are well thought out having a large button to press when grind mode is required.  All the internal controls which don’t need to be accessed are out of the way along the top of the lens inside the mask.

The Optrel E3000X filter system has and 18 hour run time when using the standard battery, there is and extended life battery with 27 hours of run time which is the same physical size.  The intelligent filter will warn when the filter is in need of replacement, however the filter unit will not stop functioning instead it will boost the flow to enable you to continue to work.  The Optrel air fed Panoramaxx mask has flow control to provide the maximum comfort with air being fed to your mouth level as well as over the top of your head this prevents your head and nose from becoming chilled.
Clear state = shade 2,5 
Auto shade level control between shade 5 & 12 (trim control to suit your eyes).
High strength low weight of only 550g
Optical Class of 1/1/1/2

This mask is not suitable for laser welding.


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