SIF 10mm SG Cast Iron Repair Gas Welding Rod
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SIF 10mm Super SG Cast Iron Repair TIG & Gas Welding Rods
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SIF Super SG Cast Iron Repair Gas Welding Rods - 10mm

Using oxy / acetylene and need to repair SG cast iron then these SIF Super SG cast iron fusion welding rods will do the trick, you will also require the cast iron flux as well.
As with any cast iron repair pre-heating and post heating will be required so as to prevent stress cracks.
Fusion welds made with these rods are machinable after welding.

The cast iron rods are 500 mm long and approximately 10mm square - melting temperature 1250 C
14 rods = 5kg

SIF part number:  RO291050 



Cast Iron Gas Welding Rod
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