1.2mm 2% Ceriated - Grey Tungsten Electrode
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1.2mm Grey tungsten electrodes
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Grey tipped 1.2mm TIG Tungsten Electrodes - 2% Ceriated 

A tungsten electrode designed for DC TIG welding with 2% Cerium. This electrode rod is perfect for use with mild steel and stainless steel welding and offers a weld characteristic similar to that of the red tip tungsten.Noz-Alls 

We buy these rods in packs of 10 pieces and as such if you buy 10 pieces the packaging is included. We do however split down packs to suit your own requirements. If there is less than 10 rods being ordered we bag them up and tape them to some sturdy card to ensure they arrive safely. 

Colour Coded - Grey


Content:2% Ceriated


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