Pure CO2 MAG Welding Gas 1,2kg Large Disposable Canister
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Longer Lasting Large CO2 MAG (MIG) Welding Disposable Canister - 1,2kg
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Large Disposable Pure CO2 MAG / MIG Welding Gas Canister - M10 Rh Thread

This welding gas bottle is designed to take the mini regulator with the small 4mm hose fitting. 
Designed for occasional MIG welding use - These canisters will last for about 35 to 40 minutes of MIG welding time.  
When you plan on welding for more than 40 minutes then it is worthwhile considering using rent free Hobbyweld cylinders as they contain more than 6 large canisters worth of shielding gas.

Pure CO2 is used for MAG (MIG) welding of mild steels
Argon mix provides a better weld with less spatter being evident.
Pure Argon is required for TIG welding.

Cylinder contents:- 100% CO2    - Liquid Carbon Dioxide UN1013 

Canister height = 355mm to top of M10 RH thread.
Canister diameter = 101mm
Canister diameter over weld 103 / 104mm
Canister base diameter 107 / 109mm
Total weight 3.95kg
Canister volume 2.2L

CO2 Contents for MIG welding = 1.2kg Total

Pressure inside the canister is about 32 bar at 0 degrees while liquid is present - Ensure cylinder is used in the upright position only


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