Combi-Lite Afrox Style Welding Nozzles
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Light Weight Welding Nozzles - All sizes from #1 to #25
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Light Weight Welding Nozzles - All Sizes 

Looking for OEM quality nozzles then look no further than Noz-Alls Limited as a company we supply many OEM companies with their nozzles
As a manufacturer and supplier to Afrox for 20 years, generally for most of the lower volume oxy / fuel nozzles styles, which included the DH / Combi-Lite welding nozzles, our nozzle range has a reputation for being good quality. 
Our DH / Combi-Lite swaged welding nozzles are 100% checked to ensure that they have the correct size hole to provide the proper welding cone length and flame characteristics, whilst at the other end the threads are measured to ensure they correctly fit the DH / Combi-Lite / Light Weight mixer.  The seat shape ensures that the minimum of torque is required to ensure a leak free seating. 
You can be confident when purchasing our Afrox style Combi-Lite welding nozzles that you will be satisfied with the nozzles and they way they work.  The Combi-Lite welding nozzles fit our Light Weight FN 5 shank and mixer (sizes #1, #2, #3, #5, #7, #10, #13, #18 & #25)

These Afrox style Combi-Lite nozzles are manufactured from thick walled copper tube :- 6.2mm OD #1 to #25, sizes

Bent working length  115mm - Size #1 to #13
Bent working length  190mm - Size #18 & #25 

Nozzle sizes #1, #2, #3 & #5 may all be used on the smallest PortaPak acetylene cylinders.  Typically sizes #7, #10 & #13 being able to be used on "J" size cylinders or cylinder which contain over 2 cubic meters of DA (dissolved acetylene).
Nozzles up to size #25 may be used on full size industrial DA cylinders.

The simplest and safest check for sufficient acetylene flow once ignited is the ability to turn up the acetylene until the large yellow flame has no black soot emanating from the tips of the flame, the soot disappears and you have the design flow for acetylene - now introduce the oxygen and set a neutral flame.



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