Welding Mask Esab 700000241 - Esab Globe Arc - Large Shade 5 Inner Lens
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Large Main Lens Fitted to the Welding Mask Shell
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Large Inner Lens - Esab Globe Arc Helmet Replacements

This passive helmet as you will not doubt know is the bees knees of passive, non-reactive helmets. Large lenses are easily clipped in and out while the small ones are held in with two twist locking pins. 

Large lenses come in a range of shades;
  • Clear
  • Shade 2
  • Shade 3
  • Shade 5
When purchasing lenses remember to cater for the gap between shades and to minus 1 of the total shade number (except for Clear inner). e.g. 5 + 5 = 9 and Clear + 10 = 10

Picture shows the complete Globe Arc welding mask - the replacement lens is the main lens which clips into the mask shell.

Shade Levels:Shade 5


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