Esab Style IPB 300L Inner Cutting Nozzle
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IPB300L - Esab style produced by Noz-Alls. Full range of sizes from 4.450.040 to 048
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High Speed Machine Cutting Nozzle Inner - ESAB style IPB300L

Esab style IPB 300L nozzles produced by Noz-Alls on the latest CNC equipment. These nozzles are standard oxy propane machine cutting inners and should be used with Esab style equipment.

Esab Style Nozzle ID Cutting Thickness
4.450.040 3-6mm
4.450.041 6-15mm
4.450.042 15-25mm
4.450.043 25-40mm
4.450.044 40-60mm
4.450.045 60-100mm
4.450.046 100-200mm
4.450.047 200-250mm
4.450.048 250-300mm



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