GCE - Propane Regulator 1 Gauge 0-4 bar
Item code: KC3005
£ 36.16(Inc VAT £43.39)
Single stage 1 gauge propane reg.
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Industrial Quality Propane Regulator with Outlet Pressure Gauge

Propane regulator with 1 gauge to show the outlet pressure being used.
The inlet connection is the standard G5/8 left hand kennedy nut and bullnose adn the outlet connection is G3/8 Left hand to accept the normal FBA and hoses.

The outlet pressure is adjustable from 0 to 4 bar gauge pressure.  Setting the pressure is easier having the outlet pressure gauge which also makes use safer.

This regulator will be suitable for most standard cutting, heating and brazing operations.
Note where high flows are required ensure a large high flow FBA is fitted instead of the normal size FBA.


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