GCE 762816 - Helium Balloon Regulator and Inflator
Item code: PA0284
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Helium Balloon Filler - Complete with contents dial.
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Combined balloon inflator and regulator for Helium 

A hand connectible regulator with built in contents gauge lets you see just how much gas you have in your cylinder to make your life more predictable and helps to ensure that you will not run out while mid filling a balloon in front of your customer. 

This balloon filler is suitable for standard industrial bottles filled to 230 bar. 

Simply attach the regulator and open the gas valve on your cylinder. Slide a balloon (either latex or foil) over the filling nozzle and bend slightly to fill. When the nozzle comes back to resting position the gas still stop flowing.

When not in use or when transporting we recommend removing the regulator to avoid accidentally damaging the product. 



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Helium Balloon Filler - Complete with contents dial.
(Inc VAT £36.08)
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