GCE ARC030 - GCE ARControl Digital Stick Welder 200 amps
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Stick welder with a digital display for accurate setting. 10 - 200 amps. Includes case and leads.
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GCE ARControl Digital 200 Stick Welder ARC030 

The GCE range of stick welders all come with MMA welding function as well as a switch to enable lift TIG use. Compared to other machines on offer GCE focus their attention on giving you the best possible value for money - this means you get a digital display for precise amperage setting, a robust plastic case and a set of leads leaving you to just add a plug and weld. 

The ARC Control stick welder listed also includes Anti-Stick, Hot Start and Arc Force functions as well as being able to run off a generator. What makes this machine stand out from the crowd is the fact it utilises the latest technology using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) in its inverters. 

Over and above other welding distributors we will also include a small pack of good quality all position electrodes with your new MMA welder to get you started. 

Technical Spec. 
Power Supply Single Phase 230V (50/60 Hz)
Rated Input 6.6KW
Rated Input Current 40A
Dinse Connectors Large Type
Duty Cycle @ 40 degrees C 30% @ 200A
  60% @ xA
  100% @ xA
No Load Voltage 60V
Welding Current Range 10 - 200A
Efficiency  85%
Power Factor  0.75
IP Rating IP23
Insulation Rating H
Net Weight 4.6kg
Dimensions 330 x 135 x 250mm
Equipment List Included Small pack of 3.2mm welding rods E6013
200A machine
Plastic Case
Cable Set: 3m Earth + 3m MMA Torch
Warranty Period 2 Years




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