Sia 4132.9840.8712.47 - 152x229mm Grey G800 Ultra Fine S
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Pack of 20 sheets in a cardboard box.
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6120 Siavlies - Ultra Fine S XS / 8712
Sia Abrasives Part Number: 4132.9840.8712.47

Made in the UK 

These high quality hand pads are an excellent alternative to the well known 3M branded 'Scotch Brite' pads.
Our pads are known as siafleece and are constructed in such a way that the grit fully penetrates the whole of the non-woven pad which gives extended life to the product and much better value for money.

What the manufacturer says
These abrasive pads offer a high level of conformability and fast cutting enabling the user to blend, grain and clean both flat and contoured surfaces. They can be used either dry or wet.

The grey coloured pads come in two grade levels - 600 and 800. These particular grey pads are graded 800 and are best for removal of very fine metal blemishes and to leave a good quality polished finish. 


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