Plasma Cutter 100a Headux TitanCut 100 - 35mm Cut
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Manual / hand cutting plamsa machine with a maximum amperage of 100 amps.
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Headux TitanCut 100 Plasma Cutter 35mm Cutting Thickness - Machine Package Complete With Hand Torch Type LT101

Plasma cutter to clean cut 35mm thick and bevel cut 30mm thick plate the Headux TitanCut 100 - Package is a 3 phase power plant requiring compressed air supply.

This Headux plasma cutter is a heavy duty cutting machine designed to quickly cut mild steel, stainless steels, aluminium and copper. Using a Trafimet style LT101 hand cutting torch means that consumable parts like electrodes, swirl rings, plasma caps and plasma cutting nozzles are readily available from all good welding distributors including ourselves. 

The LT101 style centre pin fitting plasma torch lead is decent 5m long so allows for cutting over a wide area without having to move your plasma machine.

The Headux TitanCut 100 has a pilot arc which allows the plasma cutter to initiate the plasma cutting energy without making contact with the workpiece prior to ignition.
The pilot arc system allows for the cutting of items like mesh where there is intermittent contact with the workpiece.

Plasma principle – an electric circuit is set-up between the plasma electrode and the work piece. Better machines like the Headux range, have an additional circuit which allows the production of a circuit without interfacing with the work piece. This additional circuitry is often referred to as the “Pilot Arc”. 

With an electric circuit set-up and power applied, a “normal” arc would be formed between the plasma cutter electrode and the surface of the work piece. It is the flowing plasma gas which makes the difference, the flow of the gas passing through the nozzle combined with the high frequency electric arc this changes the state of the gas and positively charges the Arc and the Plasma gas is formed creating extreme energy.
 The high frequency highly conductive plasma gas arc is compressed and concentrated as it passes through the orifice of the plasma cutting nozzle. 
With the correct gas pressure applied through the plasma nozzle the plasma gas will exit at a speed of Mach 1 or more (767mph)

The gas becomes super heated within the arc and reaches temperatures of over 20,000°C in the plasma gas. This super high temperature instantly melts the metal and combined with the speed of the gas blasts through the work piece. 

Headux Titan Cut 100
Amperage range 30 - 100 Amps
Duty cylce - 60% 
Size -  Length 685 x Width 295 x Height 560 mm
Compressed Air pressure 400 - 600 kPa  -  4-6 bar 

The Plasma cutter may be mounted on the machine skate item PA1621 or on a full size trolley when being used with large cylinder of compressed gases. item PA1622.



TitanCut 100

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