Headux TitanTIG 200P - Headux TitanTIG 200 DC Pulse - Package
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DC TIG welder with pulse function - 10 to 200 Amps the Headux machine is a very compact Inverter in a slim line and robust design of case.
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Headux TitanTIG 200P - TIG 200 DC Pulse - Package

This Headux TIG is new to our product range and is a useful addition encompassing many advantages and advanced features to make the welder easy to use.

Ease of Use
High frequency starting ignition allows the arc to be initiated without having to connect the TIG tungsten with the workpiece thereby preventing possible contamination and altering the arc characteristic.  A simple press of the TIG torch button will initiate the shielding gas pre-flow followed with the arc ignition.

Trigger Options
The Headux TIG 200P has both T2 & T4 trigger options which may be selected from the front control panel.  There is also a "spot" weld timer adjustment which allows tacks to be made very quickly and easily.
When set to 4T the trigger may be depressed to start the gas flow and initiate the welding arc, pressure is maintained on the TIG torch switch the inital starting amps are maintained, releasing the trigger button then moves the welding sequence into "slope-up" and the welding amps will increase to the "peak" set welding current,
If Pulse Welding is set then the pulse frequency will follow.  The arc will be maintained for as long as the tig tungsten is close enough to the workpiece to maintain a stable arc.  depressing and holding down the TIG torch button will now move the welding sequence into the "Slope Down" setting and the welding current will reduce to the minimum or crater filling setting  welding current, release the button will stop the arc and the post flow of shielding gas will continue to flow over the hot molten metal and protect the weld from the atmosphere until the weld pool has frozen and cannot be affected.

TIG welding parameters which may be adjusted:-
Pre-flow of shielding gas               0 to 2 seconds
Initial or starting amps                   5 to 200 amps
Power slope up period                  0 to 10 seconds
Peak welding amps                       5 to 200 amps
Trough or base amps                    5 to 200 amps
Power slope down period              0 to 10 seconds
Crater fill / finishing amps              5 to 200 amps
Post flow of shielding gas              0 to 10 seconds

When set to "Pulse" welding
The pulse frequency may be adjusted between 0,5Hz through to 200 Hz
The pulse amplitude or duty may be set between 5% through to 95%

The Headux Titan TIG may be used in 3 welding modes:- 
             A)  DC TIG
             B)  DC TIG - Pulsed
             C)  MMA - Arc stick welding

When set to MMA or Arc welding there are settings for "Arc Force" plus "Hot Start".
Hot Start is adjustable from 0 to 100%
Arc force may be set between 1 and 180 Amps
The welding current may be set between 30 (5) and 180 Amps depending on the electrode type and size.

Headux Titan TIG 200 DC Pulse - External power control possible
Input power                        - 220V to 240V at 50 / 60 Hz Generator friendly
Rated input power             - 7 KVA
ieff Amps                           - 14.6 Amps
Rated input current            - 20 Amps
Welding current range        - 5 to 200 Amps
No load voltage                   - 43V
Efficiency                             - ≥ 85%
Duty cycle at 200A              - 35% measured  at 40oC in a 10 minute cycle
Duty cycle at 155A              - 60% measured  at 40oC in a 10 minute cycle
Duty cycle at 120A              - 100% measured  at 40oC in a 10 minute cycle
Protection class                  - IP21
Insulation class                   - H
Size of TIG Welder             - Length 365 x Width 135 x Height 277mm
Weight                                - 7,0 kg



TitanTIG 200P

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