Hobbyweld Argon Ultra - 300 bar Refill, Rent Free
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Hobbyweld Argon - Rental Free Pure Argon

Hobbyweld Ultra comes in a 20 ltr cylinder pressurised to an market leading 300 bar. This makes it equivalent to a 30 ltr cylinder pressurised to 200 bar.

Argon is an inert shielding gas designed for use with TIG welders where no active gases can be used (such as Hobbyweld 5 and 15). If you are TIG welding aluminium or stainless steel then this gas is for you! It is also suitable for MIG welding aluminium and it has various other uses such as back purging pipelines for welding through to filling the space between the two pieces of glass in a double glazed unit.

All our Hobbyweld Ultra cylinders are supplied with a free of charge quick connector. This is yours to keep so when you need a refill all you have to do is simply and quickly disconnect the connector and bring the cylinder for an exchange. No tools required! 


Gas Mix99.995% Ar
Water Capacity20 litres
Pressure300 bar
Contents6060 litres
Volume6.06 cubic meters
Cylinder Height
(excluding regulator)
801mm (31.5")
Cylinder Diameter204mm (8")
Overall Height1055mm (41.5")
Gas Weight10kg
Cylinder Weight34kg
Total Weight44kg

Gas Type:Argon


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