Jasic JH-HDX - Jasic True Colour Welding Mask - Auto Darkening
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JH-HDX - Jasic True Colour Welding Mask - New technology with a 3 year warranty! Carriage Paid.
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HD True Colour Welding Mask - Jasic JH-HDX Auto Darkening Welding Mask.

The 2nd generation welding mask from Jasic. 
This mask is easily identified with the excellent added function of a grind/weld button on the outside of the mask. Change from welding to grinding without the need to take off your mask. 

The very simple to set lens shows very clearly what the setting is without confusion which was reported with the version one. The final added benefit is the prolonged battery life over the version one too.

"There is nothing more satisfying than lifting up your mask to see that you have put a good weld down..."
Well now there is. With 'True Colour' HD view through the lens you can see things for what they really are. See the weld with your mask down and see the colours rather than just a different shade of green. 

True Colour is the latest advancement in welding lens technology giving a closer colour to what the naked eye sees. Coupled with a digital screen for the lens adjustment it makes for a great bit of kit - you can see the settings clearly without having to second guess where the shade level adjustment is set to. 

The large view are of 100 x 50mm is coupled with a standard size front cover lens so you are no longer locked into expensive after market lenses. These standard size lenses are available at Noz-Alls and if you ask nicely we may even include a couple for you to keep you welding for longer. 

This mask offers 4 arc sensors and as such is more likely to pick up a welding arc even if welding out of position making it perfect for the difficult angle jobs. Shade levels are 9 to 13 with a clear state of shade 4. 

Finally there are two replaceable batteries and a solar panel to ensure that your mask reacts as quick as you can expect. 0.08ms in fact. This is 1/12500th of a second. 

Oh! I almost forgot. 
Optical quality of this mask is the same as a Speedglas 9100

Please see related items below for replacement lenses as and when you need them.


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