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Johnson Matthey - JM Silver Flo 55 Silver Solder Paint
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JM Silver solder Silver Flo 55 in paint for with flux.  This silver solder paint is for those really intricate jobs where the items are very small.  The Silver Flo 55 paint may be applied with a small paint brush or the end of a "cherry stick".

One of the applications for the Silver solder paint is the joining very small thermo-couple wires.

The JM Silver Flo 55 paint is sold in 25 gram pots.

Joints made with Silver-flo™ 55 Paint are suitable for seawater applications, being resistant to dezincification. The optimum joint gap for this filler metal at brazing temperature is normally 0.05-0.15mm.
Composition: 55%Ag, 21%Cu, 22%Zn, 2%Sn
Specification: EN 1044 1999 AG103, BS 1845 (1984) AG14
Melting range: 630-660C

Johnson Matthey

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