Johnson Matthey - Prolonged Heating Silver Brazing Flux Tenacity 5 from Johnson Matthey
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Tenacity™ No.5 Flux Powder is a brazing flux suitable for use with silver brazing filler metals.
Tenacity #5 is active at 600C and is effective with alloys that melt below 850C.
Tenacity™ No.5 shows good overheat resistance when compared to other silver brazing fluxes. It is this characteristic which makes Tenacity 5 useful when brazing stainless steel components for example, where because of its poor thermal conductivity there is a risk of overheating causing the flux to become exhausted and ineffective.
Tenacity™ No.5 also shows an extended life at brazing temperature (time / temperature stability). This feature is important when brazing large assemblies in steel or copper for example, or wherever prolonged heating is necessary.

Conforms to: EN 1045: FH10

Working range: 600-900C

Johnson Matthey

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