Silver Flo 55 Silver Solder From VBC
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55% Silver solder 1.5mm Dia. x 50cm
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VBC Silver Solder - Ag 155

This particular version is the VBC equivalent of Silverflo-55 which is 55% silver and comes in 50cm rods of 1.5mm diameter. 
Low working temperature of 630 to 660 degree Celsius makes this very useful with non ferrous metals plus stainless steel - due to the colour match - (different flux required).

Top quality silver solder or hard solder which has lowest working temperture range of the VBC silver solders even when compared to the 60% Silver solder.  VBC is a good quality manufacturer and produces consistent high quality product across their complete range of products and can be relied on in industry providing the necessary penetration, flow and capillary action required of a good silver solder.

Price is per 50 cm rod. 

As this rod comes unfluxed you will need to use a suitable flux powder which can be made into a paste such as Johnson Matthey Easy-flo or the Meta-Braze Silver Solder Flux Powder from VBC - please see the related products below. 

Ag155 = 55% silver + 21% copper + 22% zinc & 2% tin

Johnson Matthey

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