Kemper - Kemper Air Purifying Tower - "W3" Approved
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Need to improve the air quality in your workshop, Kemper Air Tower is a stand alone solution to remove bad heavy metal welding fume filtering out the harmful heavy metal particles so your workforce are able to breath more safely and not worry about fume.
As part of the overall fume elimination package plus to improve the health and safety environment each artisan may well require a PAPR respirator to ensure immediate fume from work whilst say welding is not breathed in by the welder.
In some circumstances "on torch" extraction may also be considered for part of the fume reduction solution however these need to be tested to ensure the welding operation lends itself to this type of fume reduction.

The Air Tower plus PAPR provides a better solution in most cases.
PAPR = Personal Air Powered Respirator 

The Kemper air tower sucks air in at high level pulling out the fume, extracting harmful elements then gently pushes the clean air back into the workshop at low level - blue tooth connected air quality monitors may be used to control the air tower which will modify the tower performance depending on the particulate level detected.

Kemper Air Tower Prices vary depending on size and features required for each workshop environment.

Technical Data

Filter  - Filter stages 1,  Filter method - Cleanable filter,  Filter cleaning method - Rotating nozzle

Filter surface - ca. 20 m² ,  Number filter elements - 3,  Filter surface total - 60 m²

Filter material - PTFE-membrane,  Filter efficiency - > 99.9 %,  Dust classification - M

Basic data

Extraction capacity  -  6,000 m³/h,  Height - 3,622 mm,  Diameter - 1,172 mm,  Weight - 666 kg

Motor power - 5.5 kW,  Power supply - 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz,  Rated current - 11 A

Noise level - 69 dB(A) 
Additional information -  IFA-Certification,  W3-Approved

Fan type - Radial fan, direct driven,  Compressed air supply -   6 - 8 bar,  Capacity Dust collection container  10 l


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